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We keep asking about usual things to keep going in life our OWN path.

About the blog

Dear Reader,
nice to see you on my blog!

I'm a minimalist, entrepreneur, Mum. I want to be healthy and nice for our Mother Earth. Consciousness doesn't let me follow schemes. What's the blog about? A bit of making dreams come true, a bit of sweet laziness.

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Articles about minimalism

Because less things is
more time for yourself,
less tidying up,
respect for our environment,
space to breath.

environment protection

There Is Hope for the Earth

Being interested and gaining knowledge on environmental subjects, it’s easy to become extremely pessimistic about the future of the planet, even about our own future life and health. Tons of chemicals in food and everyday objects, tons of trash, almost…

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simple life

3 Reasons Why I Prefer Summer

Yes, I prefer summer now. And I wanted to live in Scandinavia. You haven’t known this about me: I studied Finnish philology. Yes, the school years has screwed my psyche into some strange areas that turned me into a zombie,…

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body, conscious life, motherhood

Breastfeeding is wonderful

Hugging, being together, knowing that you are giving something essential, everything essential… Even if I would have bad-looking tits for the rest of my life after using them to feed only one child, I wouldn’t regret. Currently breastfeeding Younger. Originally…

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Articles you like the most

Minimalist Wardrobe – See My Current Set of Clothes

Minimalism gives me so much benefits and makes my every day decisions simpler. I want to spread the good message to inspire other people who could benefit from simplifying...

8. Simple Ways to Live Healthier (besides Diet)

It’s not easy to change diet. I know it from my everyday life. There are better and worse days. Sometimes I use food to comfort myself, to lower stress...