Restoring family values with a slower and simpler life.

This place is created for all women wanting to learn more about creating a good family life. We do it slowly, by taking little steps. With some falls. And with successes. You’ll find here a bit of productivity, a bit of slow life and raptures over a drop of dew. Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter. As in life.

Hey, I’m Ula.

I’m a feminine woman, wife to of the best Husband, mother of two energetic Boys (aged 5 and 3), homemaker and blogger.

I try to make my life and everyday choices reflect my priorities, my system of values. And the most important for me is freedom, family and … peace of mind.

In the search for this freedom, as well as time and attention for the family, and the peace of mind, I began to practice minimalism and simple life. I became interested in natural methods of staying healthy to take care of my family in the best possible way. I even learned to take care of our home! And I share many of my discoveries on how to create a peaceful family life on this blog. Slowly.