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What 2-Year Olds Play With?

Gift ideas and more for 2-year olds play.

If anyone feels angry that a minimalist, caring about the environment and encouraging to boycott big brands and big stores, is writing about toys, many of them plastic, such a person can just click X i the tab corner.

I just want to say that caring about our planet, health and more just market, we still live in a society.

Why do immigrants put efforts to learn the culture of their new country? To communicate. To be well understood. To not put foot in mouth.

The same with some plastic toys in our life. I have friends. I won’t give their children tree branches found on a walk as presents.

Yes, I want you to be more and more eco-friendly and conscious about the market. If you want to move to a desert and live with two shirts, ok. If you live in a society and make little steps toward more eco-conscious life, that’s great.

I’m making my little steps, you make your little steps. If there will be more of us, maybe the world will slowly change.

Or maybe one of us, little-steps-makers, will gain a real budget or power to change the world for better? Fast.

So keep going on the path to be a better person: for yourself, your community and your environment.

And if you have any dear 2-year old, below I list things, such little people are interested in.

I make this list also for myself. Because we fast forget how the life a little child looks like. And in the future, I’ll have more children among my family and friends. I want to remember what they could love at a particular age.

Click on photos to get details in the store.


In our family blocks are Mummy’s favourite things to play! Garages, gates, roads, towers… – I’m a master! (Ok, I was a master when the Older was 2-year old. Now, he’s the master and the creative power. Building site vehicles rule at our home.)

Toy cars 2-year olds play with

Ambulance, police cruiser, fire pumper… Emergency vehicles are so interesting: both on the street and little versions at home.

Something classy…

… and something for races.


2-year olds play already not only with teddy bears and other plush toys. They love to have conversations and to offer tea, coffee, water, juice and meals… The little person needs a partner for all of these!


Between second and third birthdays – it’s time when my Son got interested in putting proper shapes into holes. Play and learning. We have the exact shape blocks set from the photo above, by Fisher-Price.

Colored pencils

A toddler can draw or… tell mummy what to draw. Another interesting activity is when an adult writes letters and the child learns.

Just when 2-year olds play, watch your walls 😉


Yes, really! Kids want to imitate everything that adults are doing. So let’s learn, play and then help parents in everyday activities!

Kitchen playset

Imitating, conversating… and not breaking real glass 😉

gift guide for 2-year old, toys 2-year olds play with

What 2-year olds play with - gift guide for toddler boys. List of best toys for 2-year olds they really play with

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