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3 Reasons I Prefer Summer to Winter

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ identifier=”0141022027″ locale=”US” src=”http://slowandhappy.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/51p14vVRGiL.SL160.jpg” tag=”slowandhapp02-20″ width=”116″]And I’m the one who wanted to live in Scandinavia…

Something you didn’t know about me: I’ve studied Finnish philology (the language and culture of Finland – Rovaniemi, Santa Claus and the Polar Circle…). Yes, during my school years I had something wrong with my head which made me want to live in cold and darkness.

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Today, when I look at my previous self, I understand her. And I understand the change that happened in me. Today I desire the hot, Australia, Caribbean and I plan how to live on a beach under palm trees. Seriously. Me, the previous fan of reindeer, Moomins and other painful conditions.

Why do I prefer summer?

1. Temperatures

Obvious for most of the people. We like warm weather. We, human beings, come probably from Africa. So warm and hot climates are our natural habitat.

We learned to survive even in Arctic. But it’s surviving and not the best life possible.

Yes, winter walks have their charm with snow creaking under our feet, with dancing snowflakes… But not for the half of year combined with darkness from 3pm and till 7am!

I prefer to live in line with my body. If my body comes from hot climates – I want to be there. I want my skin to produce vitamin D and endorphins that I need. And to start this production we need sun and need to be outside.

2. Food

I remember last summer which was the first period in my when I’ve eaten really healthy – how I wanted. I ate mostly raw: fruits and vegetables. I felt great. I was healthy and so was baby growing in me. I also made my juices!

But when autumn came, the healthy diet ended. My body just refused to eat fresh fruits and vegetables which is understandable, because eating raw fruits in autumn and winter in climate where I live (Poland, Europe) is not natural. Fruits doesnt grow on trees in winter!

But during summer I gave up eating sugar, processed food, dairy, gluten…

Giving up also fruits and vegetables since autumn left me with… nothing to eat!

Let me repeat: we come from hot climates. We need fresh food. And fresh raw fruits and vegetables bought during winter are not natural – our bodies can refuse them. They haven’t seen sun or have travelled so far to us that they can have no taste and no vitamins nor minerals.

3. Removing snow from car

During summer you even don’t remember about this issue. While being child, teenager or single or without children, you can even like it.

But when you have kids, you have to put clothes on for example three people before going out, so you’re already sweating. From hot (home + winter clothes) – to cold outside. Sweating. Then go, carry them in your arms, you’re sweating even more.

And then the work and time needed to warm the car and remove snow, while children are complaining. AAaa…!!

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