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3 Reasons Why I Prefer Summer

Yes, I prefer summer now. And I wanted to live in Scandinavia.

You haven’t known this about me: I studied Finnish philology. Yes, the school years has screwed my psyche into some strange areas that turned me into a zombie, wishing to live in the cold and dark (with Mr. Ville Valo). I really liked winter, snow and so on.

Today I look at that myself and I understand her. I also understand the change that has taken place in me. Today I am happy to observe people who travel regularly or who had emigrated to warm places: South America, US, Australia, Caribbean. And I keep on planning how to set up on a beach with palm trees. Seriously, seriously, seriously. I, once a fan of reindeer, mummers and other sad things.

i prefer summer - slow and happy blog about simplifying

Why do I prefer summer?

1. Temperature

It’s obvious but I didn’t understand it for years. Weather, temperature. Humans are said to come from Africa. We were naked, having no heaters and we survived. Here, in our wild north it wouldn’t work.

Walking in winter can be fun. Snow crashing, fresh air… But not with children. Dress up with two kids to get out in the winter (that’s what I call half a year, if not more) really fuels my emigre engines.

2. Real food

Last summer I was ate very healthy. I love fruits. A kilogram of cherries. Wash, put into a bowl, take a cup for seeds, sit on a couch. And I’m in heaven. A few months eating based on fruit. Unprocessed food is something that my body begs for. After all, for a whole month, which was the last month of pregnancy I didn’t eat dairy products, sugar, processed foods, grains (bread, pasta, groats, nothing) … So what did I eat? I don’t know! And I felt great. No coffee, no tea. I didn’t feel weak, I wasn’t tired. I was living on the fruits.

And now, in winter, I have absolutely no idea what to eat. In the autumn a day comes when the body refuses to eat fruits. Because it’s unnatural – fruits in winter. I buy apples, but I have to force myself to eat them. In the summer my body wants them. And during cold seasons I eat … tangerines and junk, processed food.

We are from Africa. The longest living people live in warmth. You won’t cheat the nature. Winter can be accepted. Out of necessity. Winter can’t be chosen of one’s free will!

3. Snow removal

In summer you forget about it. In summer lightness rules.

As a child I liked to remove snow from our car, and later also … But the reality of a mother is the reality of a mother. Time is precious.

I would like to do other things than to sweat while dressing family (it takes a while), being in a warm home, to feel frozen (Why to put a scarf on my neck? Do not multiply beings!), to run around the car and freeze your hands.

And moreover: frost on the windows from the inside, fogged windows, the need to turn on air conditioning, which I just don’t like.

After rejecting toxins from cosmetics, toxins from processed foods, it is time to choose a more natural for homo sapiens environment to live. Bye, bye, winter. I prefer summer. For sure.

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