I’ve Bought 5 Dresses and I Still Consider Myself a Minimalist

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As I’ve written in my February shopping report and informed you on Instagram, last month I’ve bought five dresses. On one day, in one shop. Here is how I see them in my minimalist wardrobe.

Why I’ve bought five dresses being a minimalist?

Firstly, for about four years I’ve been waiting for this moment when I will no longer be pregnant or breastfeeding. I’ve been fantasizing about the big shopping for my perfect wardrobe and about not having to think if a piece would be comfortable for breastfeeding. I still breastfeed the Younger at night but I feel that THE moment has come. I’m just me, I’m free, with no “attachments” hanging on me.

During pregnancies and breastfeeding, I bought only real essentials like the one sweater which I was wearing almost all the time for three autumn/winter/spring seasons. I wasn’t investing to build a perfect maternity capsule wardrobe. Now is the time to start dressing really how I want.

And I see myself in dresses. Why?

– They are simple and easy. Choosing a dress, you don’t have to think whether a top matches the bottom.

– Choosing to wear dresses, you need only four types of things in your wardrobe: underwear, dresses, tights and two sweaters/jackets. Simple and easy.

– I hate pants because their knees start looking bad very quickly. During wet weather, they get wet or covered with mud at the bottom. They’re just easier destroyable.

– I hate pants because they get less comfortable and start to look worse every time we lose and gain weight. And I’m not talking about big diets or big gaining weight. I talk about these little, really little changes in our body, sometimes even just caused by our woman’s cycle.

I think that by buying these dresses I’ve made kind of deal of my life. Imagine how often women go to shopping malls, how many hours, days and money they spend there. Just to buy nothing or to buy loads of clothes that they can’t match together.

And I don’t even have time for going shopping, window shopping, hunting for clothes. I went once to a shop, found five dresses which meet all my requirements like the proper cut, not too short, comfortable, made of 100% cotton (or viscose). It was a big time-saving!

And what about my old set of clothes?

The tops will be used under dresses on colder days. I’ll wear leggings at home less often, maybe they’ll become my pajama pants. My sweater matches well with new dresses for colder days. And the one pair of jeans that I have – I will use them less often.

Nothing is going to trash. Maybe I’ll hide some of the excessive clothes and use this storage later as “buy from your own wardrobe” when for example tops I wear now will get worn out.

I’m so grateful I’ve found the dresses which meet my requirements.

And I’m so excited to start trying my dresses-based capsule wardrobe in the coming, beautiful and warm season!

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