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Welcome to the second article of the amusing and inspiring series 5 Things Minimalist, in which I present exemplary things that I have and those that I don’t have in a chosen category.

Today’s subject is women’s footwear.

5 things - minimalist shoes

The article contains affiliate links.

Shoes that I don’t have:

High heels

As a teenager and later I tried to start a habit of wearing high heels. But after years of tries, my conclusion is: the effort is not worth the effect.

Let’s be honest: wearing high heels is not comfortable. If it were, there wouldn’t be such a big range of products to soothe feet pain.

Wearing high heels a woman is slower, limited, which means: less free.

I want my comfort and freedom, so I choose flat footwear.

Ballerina flats

I don’t know how women wear ballet flats that they don’t fall from feet. They cover only toes, so… I just don’t trust them. I could lose them while walking.

Covering only toes: imagine a man wearing something like this.


Flat types of shoes are nice, but for example, converses’ sole is too thin for me. I don’t like to feel the hardness of pavement with every step. Especially when I walk for a long time and long distances. And the same like with ballerina flats: I want to feel free to walk comfortably everywhere and for how long I like. I don’t want to be limited by the thin sole, making my feet and head sore after half an hour.

Rain boots

Ok, the statistics say that here in Poland we have about 30% rainy days in a year. But do I really need rain boots?

As I was a child, only children or farmers needed to have this type of footwear. Then there were years when wearing patterned rain boots were trendy, so many women bought it. For me it’s stupid.

When it rains, I don’t spend much time outside. And when I’m outside during rain, I walk only on pavements, where in 99% of situation I can avoid walking through puddles.

Let’s promote less plastic and less unnecessary items at our homes!

Hiking boots

I love hiking in the mountains! But I don’t fool myself that I would hike in next years, having two little boys. And I don’t store at home equipment for sports that I don’t practice now.

Shoes that I have:


My favorite type of footwear, because it’s dedicated to my favorite time of the year – when it’s warm!

Read 3 reasons, why I prefer summer.

Autumn/spring shoes

I have one pair of shoes used when it’s too cold to wear sandals and too warm to wear winter shoes.

Winter shoes

I have only one pair and as an adult, I never had a problem which is an excuse to have more pair: that one pair could be wet after a walk when you need to go out again. That never happened.

Flip flops

I’m a type whose feet are very sensitive to temperature. Fr years I had a tendency to have cold feet which feels very unpleasant and causes discomfort to the whole body. Today I don’t have this problem. Probably partly because I pay attention to not make my feet cold. Walking for too long on cold floor panels or tiles is not good for my feet, so I had to make friends with flip flops.

Sports shoes

I hope to return to running and going to zumba or other sports classes soon.

What is original or minimalistic about my footwear?

As a minimalist, I have only shoes that I need. I have only these five pairs of shoes, without which my life would be really uncomfortable. But I don’t have multiple pairs of one type just to follow the fashion or have one type in different colors. It makes choosing what to wear when going out so easy!

Here you can read how Francine Jay, the author of [easyazon_link identifier=”1452155186″ locale=”US” tag=”slowandhapp02-20″]The Joy of Less[/easyazon_link], experienced in her one shoe challenge.

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