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5 Things I Have and 5 Things I Don’t: Electronics

I’m a minimalist, benefiting from living simply. But at the same time, I don’t want to limit myself. I aim to have only what I need or use. And I don’t want to deny myself something that I need. So I’m a minimalist, I’m a person who doesn’t limit her development, who changes. I’m a mother. Let’s look, how I apply my attitude toward things to electronics. Minimalist electronics?

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Electronics that I don’t have:

A TV/DVD player

I don’t have a TV for about eight years and I don’t miss it. I’m happy that I don’t spend my time staring thoughtlessly at the screen and letting advertisement into my mind. And if I really would like to watch something that’s on tv, I probably will find it on the Internet, on the TV station’s website.

A camera

Till now I had one period in my life when I had a camera. But it was in times when cameras weren’t digital. So it’s another story.

Today I use my phone as a camera. Sometimes I’m angry because of poor quality, especially at night. But I’m not sure if I would like to take another big thing with me while going out.

electronics that you need as a minimalist - minimalist electronics in practice

A CD player/radio/audio system

An mp3-player

I put these two together because the reason why I don’t have them is the same: I just don’t listen to music. Really. I don’t listen to music.

In the high school, I had a period of listening to a lot, having my favorites bands, buying their CDs, going to concerts. Today I don’t need it. Or it isn’t my priority. I don’t choose to use my limited time for listening to music.

CDs, DVDs, USB memories or other external disks

Yes. Today I have really no external drives, no CDs, no USBs. I try to not hoard digital files just like I don’t keep much physical stuff at home. On cloud disks I store some files, but not so much. I just learned to not overrate the importance of our files. Photos, notes – we forget about them and not use them.

Less devices means less cables and less dust!

Electronics that I have:

The laptop + charger

I can imagine having only one laptop at home if I weren’t a blogger. But I am and don’t plan to change it.

When I was buying my laptop, one and a half year ago, I looked for three features: proper size (I don’t even know how much inches, I use my eye 🙂 ), minimum 4GB of RAM and being made by a well-known company. From the devices that had these features chose the cheapest (good looking 🙂 ).

The phone + charger + cable

It’s my contact with family, it’s my camera and what’s worst: it’s my access to the Internet, which is a problem for me. I easily get distracted. And mobile devices are too mobile, too easily accessible. That’s why once I’ve decided to do an information diet and I’m still experimenting to find the best balance between the time spent offline and online.

The e-reader + cable

I bought my first e-reader seven months ago and it was a good decision! I already get used to reading on the reader and my experience of reading, my pleasure is the same as with a paper book.

Having fewer books at home adds comfort to my life, the life of a minimalist, who already discovered that she (almost) never reads any book more than once.



The tablet

To be honest, I wanted to sell my iPad mini when I bought the e-reader. But the price would be so much lower than the price of purchasing that I kept it among my minimalist electronics. It’s sometimes used by my husband or I use it for playing music to help my Boys sleep.

It’s charged with the same charger as the phone. So laptop charger, phone charger, and e-reader cable – are the only cables I need!


Minimalist electronics in my bag. I haven’t used it for a very long time (read above: I don’t listen to music). But this year I discovered that it’s a perfect remedy for boredom on walks with the baby – to listen to podcasts! I listen mainly to TheMinimalists Podcast.

Bored during walks with a baby and pushing the stroller? Listen to podcasts! Learn minimalist's attitude towards electronic devices on the Slow and Happy blog. The Minimalist List Of Things Series: 5 Things That I Have And 5 Things That I Don't: Electronics. Get inspired to live a simpler life with less! | minimalist list of things | minimalist list of items | minimalist things list | #minimalism #minimalist #eletronics #gadgets #listofthings Click to read.

What is original or minimalistic about my minimalist electronics?

I think that most outstanding can be having no iPod and no external drives. Having no camera, especially as a blogger is also rare. But it’s what fits my needs today.


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