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8 Simple Ways to Live Healthier (besides Diet)

It’s not easy to change your diet. I know it from my everyday life. There are better and worse days. Sometimes I use food to comfort myself, to lower stress or as entertainment. No one is perfect. But we all would like to live healthier. So I gathered for you a few ideas, really simple ways to live healthier, in other areas than the diet.

1. Baking soda + coconut oil as a chemical-free deodorant.

2. Coconut oil as a chemical-free toothpaste.

3. Raspberry seed oil as chemical-free sunscreen.

4. Magnesium oil (an oil making us absorb magnesium by the skin in such an easy way!)

5. Washing soda + borax as laundry powder.

6. Naked skin or natural oils (cold-pressed and unrefined) instead of creams, balms, etc.

7. Exposing your skin to the sun.

8. Enough sleep. At night.

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