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Clothes Drying Rack – the Most Functional Model

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In Europe, where I live air drying clothes is still normal and most popular.

Why is it worth to switch from drying machine to air drying clothes?

– you save money and environment by saving electric energy

– the production, use and disposal of some metal wires is much less harmful for the planet than producing, using and disposing a machine

– you add less chemicals to you clothes caring system so your skin and nose have less contact with harmful substances

– sun makes white clothes even whiter

– sun rays kill bacteria.

Don’t beleive in the last two points? So put a reusable cotton cloth on your baby, let them poo into it. After washing the cloth, there will still be evident stains. But when you put it to dry in sun rays, even inside home, after some time the stains will magically vanish.

Because I air dry all my life, I can tell you that the drying rack model I present here is the most effective type.

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