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The Slow and Happy blog is about finding happiness in life by regaining our resources: time, energy, attention, space, and money.

I teach to optimize life by simplifying in many areas. I write about minimalism as a tool to create a slower, happier life with time and space for deep relationships, long walks, caring about the health, doing meaningful work and… doing nothing.

Main categories on the blog are:

minimalism (or simple life)

slow life



work (or blogging).

My list of life-changing books and courses telling about this lifestyle: click.

I describe the subjects and tell stories from my perspective, so here is who I am:

My name is Ula Archer. I’m a wife to a wonderful Husband, a mom of two very energetic Boys (2- and 4-year old), a home manager, a minimalist, a blogger, an entrepreneur, a former small business owner, currently the Active Family Store owner, nature, books and life wisdom lover living in Europe.


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I’m the author of A Little Guide to Slow Blogging: Or How to Find Your Blog and Life Balance.

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