My name is Ula.

I am a woman, mother, wife and more.

Welcome to my blog!

My dream is a peaceful life. A life in which I have time to eat healthy and I get enough sleep. I believe that such a life is possible. Even if you are a working mom. I slowly bring into my life changes that lead to this goal.

My hobbies are: anthropology, health and travel.


I have started the Slow and Happy blog as a record of changes in my life so that you can benefit from my tips, follow my trail and live a happy life, without wasting energy on prying door already opened by me.

What has brought changes into my life is MINIMALISM. It has reduced the number of things for which I am responsible, increased my savings, given me free time.

I brought changes into my life by permitting myself to live slower – which we call SLOW LIFE. It has reduced my stress, because I have reengineered my striving-for-perfection task list with a one that is completely real.

MOTHERHOOD has brought many changes, as if someone had kicked me in the ass so hard that I have landed on another planet: where the atmosphere has a different composition, where beings communicate in another language, everything is different and has nothing in common with the earlier life.

Motherhood has primarily moved my priorities from the sphere of the declarations in the sphere of implementing them in everyday life. DO IT ALSO IN YOUR LIFE.

Motherhood has kicked me finally into a pot, which I had previously looked into and from which I had sniffed – now I’m inside and I learn to swim in it. And this is a pot of a healthy diet and ecology. Because motherhood is a responsibility for another human being. Which means a huge responsibility.

The Slow and Happy blog is mainly a life advice and rules collection in the topics of buying, health, nature, selecting clothes, finding the balance between life online and offline – all of these resulting from my practice. I call it conscious life.

I have written 100+ articles in those topics on the Slow and Happy blog.


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