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My name is Ula Archer. I’m a wife to a wonderful Husband, a mom of two very energetic Boys (1- and 3-year old), a home manager, a minimalist, a blogger, an entrepreneur, a former small business owner, nature, books and self-growth lover. I live in Europe and still try to improve my English, which is not my native language.

How do I manage to do it all? Minimalism + knowing your values and priorities. That’s it.

Slow and Happy blog’s mission is to show people that simplifying life leads to happiness and opens more possibilities for fulfillment.

You can find here articles about minimalism (why’s, thoughts and practical tips), slow life by which I mean a less stressful life that we live according to our values, motherhood, health, self-growth.

If you don’t like the term minimalism or slow, you can use the term common sense to describe the lifestyle presented here.

As a minimalist, I show you how to regain and manage our resources: space, time, money, attention.

The Slow and Happy blog’s readers are looking for a quality life. We observe, we experiment, we get more and more conscious of the world and ourselves. We learn and teach. We develop. We grow. We get happy.

Finding happiness? What’s the answer?

The answer I found for fulfillment and happiness in my life is minimalism or simple life. Minimalism is the tool that I’m using in my life so that I can do it all – all that I want. On the blog, I’m showing you how.

If I’m right, make yourself at home on this blog and learn, and then practice, organizing your life so that you have enough time and energy to do enough of what’s important for you.

Mom’s life made easier

I believe that every mom is not just a mom and is worth to develop as every human being, in different aspects of life. We can be moms, wives, sisters, friends, employees, employers, entrepreneurs, readers, dancers, runners, home managers, cookers, yogis and so much more. I believe that we can achieve a balance where we take care of every area of our lives and enjoy it!

How to achieve it? As a person, living a simple life for more than five years, I know that minimalism is a great tool to gain control over our lives.

On the Slow and Happy blog, I teach to implement minimalism to simplify different areas of moms’ lives so that they have time and energy to develop not only as mothers but also as human beings, women, entrepreneurs, artists etc.

Simplify, free your time and enjoy your life! Everything minimalism, decluttering, self-development, time management, slow life, motherhood.

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I’m the author of A Little Guide to Slow Blogging: Or How to Find Your Blog and Life Balance.

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