Slow and Happy is a blog about minimalism, motherhood, self-development and a good, conscious life. I’ve written here more than 170 articles about managing possessions, simplicity, kids, environmental consciousness, and health.

I’ve started this blog after becoming recognizable as a blogger and expert in fields of minimalism, slow life, and ecology in Poland.

I can support you in promoting your products or services that fit into this blog’s climate of quality life.

Until now, I have advertised things that I personally use: books, courses, healthy food, healthy cosmetics, and eco-friendly cleaners. I have not received any information from readers that they don’t accept ads on this blog. And it’s probably thanks to the fact that I remain honest and I do not advertise things that I do not believe in.

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 Readers’ opinions

It was refreshing to see someone who seems so comfortable in her own skin that she is not concerned with how others may perceive her, her clothing choices, her lack of business etc. Thank you for simplicity.

Nearly every article inspires to take specific actions.

You have a great blog, I follow a similar path, although I’m a bit older.

You are one of the few people who are present in my RSS reader.

Minimalism, zero waste, and conscious shopping are the main topics that interest me and which brought me to your blog.

Thank you for creating this wonderful place.

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