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All things needed by mom and child in the Europe spring

As a minimalist I am glad of every opportunity, which helps me to assess the suitability of items owned. A good test for this, which things I actually use and need every day, is moving out for several weeks. I and my nearly 2-year-old Son have lived for more than two months at my parents’ home. We came here with one bag, and in spite of getting later some items from our house (some connected with the change of seasons), today we do not have excessive things here.

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I’m sure the list can help travellers who are asking how to pack light for Europe spring.

Here’s the current list of our belongings

or how to pack light for Europe spring:

Ula – clothes:

maternity pants
2 dresses
4 tank tops
1 short-sleeved t-shirt
1 long-sleeved blouse
1 pair of tights
5 pairs of panties
several pairs of socks
2 bras
2 loose shirts
2 sweaters

Ula – other items:

2x house keys
2x car keys
car registration document
pregnancy card
purse (inside: as few coins as possible, banknotes, 1 receipt and 7 plastic cards)
3 cotton handkerchiefs (disposable tissues are neither economic nor ecological (how many plastic packaging!))

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2x razor (1 in use + supply)
packaging of a wafer biscuit, waiting for the end of some contest in June – you can keep your fingers crossed 😉
work notes
computer + cable
tablet (currently not in use, but I change my style of work so often that I may use it in the future)
phone + charger
2 notebooks (I aspire to have one)

Ula – toiletries:

hair tie

Son – clothes:

2 sweaters
2 long-sleeved t-shirts
1 short-sleeved shirt
4 short-sleeved body suits
3 long-sleeved body suits
3 pairs of pants
3 pairs of tights
5 pairs of socks
2x boxers
3 scarfs
2 caps

Son – other items:

2x toothbrush (one in use, one for future)
nappies  – max. 2 packs
house slippers
books and toys – still too much


2 bags for trips / excursions
Son’s health book + my pregnancy tests results
4x supplements
coconut oil (that we use instead of toothpaste)

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nail scissors
2 towels

The list includes items that could be called personal. I know many people are not satisfied with lists made by minimalists.
I have not written here all things we use. Because we use also the cups, cutlery, a car with child seats, we use table, microwave, kettle, tea towels, which we use as bibs … These are items that could potentially be found in any place where we would like to stay in a hotel or at someone’s home. For a camper trip we would take more.

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