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Imagine how many gifts kids that you know could get last Christmas. Think of your kids, kids of your extended family, friends or neighbors. Let say a kid got 17 gifts and many of them were expected and waited for, so they should be enjoyed.

Now let’s imagine this Christmas the kid gets 2 gifts. Or one, or five or zero. Would the kid be disappointed? Would he or she complain?

Probably yes. Kids say what they think.

So isn’t the kid satisfied anymore with those 17 gifts, many of which were asked for and desired before getting them? Doesn’t the kid remember about the 17 toys he or she has at home? Doesn’t the kid value them?

The truth is that the kid doesn’t care about things at home. He or she is waiting for Christmas and they’ve been taught by adults and by experiences that the experience of Christmas is getting gifts.

The kid doesn’t wait for the toys for the sake of the toys. Kids want the experience of getting.

Yes, here we are, at the same point that explains why we aren’t much satisfied with our purchases after coming home with them. What brings us joy is the experience of buying.

Why have subscription boxes gained so much popularity? Because we like the little amounts of cosmetics and other stuff not tailored for us…? No. Because people want the experience of waiting for the box, getting the box, unpacking, seeing what’s inside, looking at every item, item by item…

What to do with Christmas-kids-toys problem after making the discovery that we all desire experiences?

Create a Christmas experience not connected with getting items! Create a ritual that kids will wait for and repeat it every year. Make the effort to think about details that will make kids absolutely excited and satisfied.

Examples of Christmas experiences:

A family Christmas walk in nature, including a play of your choice that kids will associate with the Christmas walk.

Christmas carols singing with rules of your choice (just remember to make it special!)

Christmas walk finished with a campfire.

Christmas walk finished at warm home, eating fresh baked, special cake.

Christmas board games evening (if you don’t play board games often).

Get creative!

Avoid the plastic crap at your home. Create memories!

Check also holiday traditions gathered by Cait Flanders, one of my favorite bloggers in this article (there is a part titled Traditions You Can Do with Your Kids).

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