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Welcome to the next article of the Powerful Reads series where I share with you articles and books in which I found the most value the last month.

best valuable articles from internet: self worth, self improvement and blogging - August 2017

This month other authors’ valuable content that I share with you is not only telling about simple and meaningful life, which are the subjects of this blog. After reviewing my monthly best reads I’ve found that a half of it is about blogging. Still, I decided to put here also articles about blogging. Even if you’re interested in simple living, not in blogging, this will be a way for you to know me personally better by getting to know things that I’m interested in and considering right now. Moreover, linking to the articles is my way to thank their authors for their great content.

So here they are:

August’s Powerful Reads


Courtney Carver, 9 Not so Little Things that are Holding You Back (+ how to say goodbye)

Things that most of us probably didn’t think we could work on to make our lives simpler and better. For me currently, numbers 2, 4 and 6 are what I think much about now.

Brett and Kate McKay, Never Complain; Never Explain

The history behind the maxim and obvious reasons why practicing it in your life is wise.

How This Accountant Ditched the Cube and Became a Productivity Blogger – an interview with Carrie Smith Nicholson, the author of Careful Cents blog.

A must-read for every blogger wanting to earn on his/her blog. Why I love such articles from successful bloggers?

Firstly, I believe that what can change or way of thinking and our actions are mostly examples of other people’s lives and not just theoretical statements.

Secondly, I believe that the best advice about what and how to do comes from people who did what we want to do. It’s so simple! I’ve written about it also in my article on how to make life changes.

What I most value about the interview? Carrie reaffirms what I experienced in my life: that being alone in a bussiness and using automation works better than hiring people. It’s sad but it’s exactly what I’ve experienced in a few years of running a business.

Ali Luke (author of Aliventures blog), How to Create a Successful Blog: Batch Produce Your Posts

Creating a blog is an art, benefiting from moments of inspiration and moments of the flow state. But blogging is also a work, a mechanism that works pretty with the benefit for its readers only when the work is regular, complete and no element is missing.

Ali’s article helps to better manage time needed for this work and tasks part of blogging. Thank you, Ali, for sharing your method and the obvious example, in the beginning, illustrating why we should consider switching to another schedule of work on the blog.

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