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Avarage people , following the beaten path of social schemes, would ask me: Isn’t your babywearing stupid and aren’t cloth diapers annoying? I’m a mum and I try to live as conscious and natural as possible in our today’s European society. It has pros and cons. I have my ups and downs. Listen…

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Isn’t babywearing stupid and annoying?

It’s so trendy among people like me (simple life, nature, anti-consumerism, ecology) to carry their babies.

I’ve done it seldom with my first Son. I kind of failed because he was so anxious. Sears call it high need baby (see their book*). Cry in bed, cry in stroller, cry in baby bouncer, cry in mum’s arms, cry always and everywhere, cry in baby sling.

So I’ve tried with the second Son, from his first weeks, to make him used to it. And it’s ok. Sometimes he cries, but other times he gets calm and fall asleep in baby sling and sleeps better (longer) than in his bed.

But there are some problems.

In first weeks of breastfeeding carrying a baby tied tightly to your body makes your breast hurt more. I was a bit afraid.

Secondly, there is something like the mother and the mother’s spine. When carrying a baby it’s often stoop-shouldered, overloaded. My Son isn’t even 2-month old and I’m fed up with it.

It simply hurts and it simply makes me tired.

Cloth diapering

I’ve written that I’ve started to use them. I’ve written why I don’t want to use disposable diapers. And I hold to this position.

But still these cloth diapers, this baby washing and diapers washing aren’t fun.

Have you heard about elimination communication? Very stupid name for… caring about a baby without any diapers.

And it is really natural and really simple (is it?).

In today’s society almost impossible because…

we don’t have time for our kids! We don’t have time and calm mind to pay attention to our kids!

And the arguments for practising EC are making today’s mothers feel more guilty. And even not speaking of EC today’s mothers have to face so many expectations: clean and beautiful home, ironed clothes, healthy, prepared at home meals, perfect nails and hair.

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