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Back to School Season – Minimalist’s Guide and Reflections

Back to school is another consumerism feast in the year. After Christmas or Valentine’s Day presents and Easter home decorations, someone made us spend money on buying NEW things every year when the school year begins. How could a back to school minimalist season look like?

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My story

When I was going to school, I used to buy new things (clothes, pencil-case, school-bag, pens and sports shoes). I bought a new item when the previous one become destroyed, worn out or too small. And not because it was August/September!

When my shoes which I wore at school become worn out in May, I bought a new pair in May. So there was no need for new shoes in September!

And even if my shoes were two years old but still wherein good condition – there was no need to buy a new pair!

Buy when you need.

Buy when you need and not when it's a back to school season - minimalist quote

What do you really need and do you need it new?

For me, the only things that needed to be bought every August/September were books and notebooks. But in the last few years of schools, when we were grown up, we were proud to use notebooks for more than a year and to buy second-hand books. Just because young people rebel against the school, we didn’t want to spend money on those books.

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The mechanism of buying feasts

When you buy tonnes of new things because of back to school season, you’re a perfect consumer for big shops, brands, and producers. You’re a perfect citizen: you pay sales tax with every purchase. And you have to work and earn more, so again, you pay taxes.

But from a point of view of being a human being – it’s stupid. Try to be conscious of your actions.

Don’t exchange your work time and effort for unnecessary items that someone else wants you to buy.

Real needs and conscious choices of a back to school minimalist season

And if you really need to buy something for the new season, take your time to search for quality things that will:

1. last long,
2. serve you as good as possible,
3. give you pleasure, or what Marie Kondo called in her book spark joy.

Don’t add to your life poor quality items that you suspect can break down soon. Such short-sighted purchases aren’t worth your time, money nor worsening the condition of our environment by adding unnecessary waste. Choose and buy consciously.

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Lifetime warranty products

One idea to do so is to look for items with lifetime warranty. Usually, the company that outsources production will take care to get products of a much better quality than average products of this type on the market. Today you can find even ordinary products, used every day, with the lifetime warranty. For example women’s clothing, shoes, bags and wallets, office and school supplies.

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