Basic tools you need when running an online business

Digital space and connections give us more possibilities than ever to do the work we like, on our own terms (but it’s good not to scare away customers), to work from home, having time for our close ones, even homeschooling or from anywhere in the world with Internet access. So, let’s see what kind of tools for online business can be helpful for independent entrepreneurs.


It’s the address of your website and most often your brand’s name.

You can buy a domain (for example at Bluehost) or look for a hosting company which includes domain purchase in their hosting plans or makes it cheaper when you buy also hosting (check Bluehost for this, too).

website HOSTING

Hosting is the place (a server) where all your website’s files and data are stored and sent from to your audience.

When you’re choosing hosting, look for a reliable company with good customer service.

I can recommend you Bluehost. They keep things simple and professional. They’re also one of the cheapest reliable companies. Their hosting services start at 3.95$ per month (as for 10/03/2019).

And here is my review of this domain and hosting provider.

bluehost hosting for online business begginers recommendation

Another, more pricey solution is WP Engine. It’s a hosting and platform provider dedicated for WordPress website only (and WordPress is probably what you’ll choose anyway). And their hosting service is extended to be professional, experts’ support on your website’s back-end.

WP Engine’s Digital Experience Platform and 24/7 award-winning customer service helps with plugins, themes, optimization, software updates, content analytics, website speed tool and tips and much more.

It’s literally like having an army of WordPress experts on your side.

They allow you to spend your time just creating content and doing your business tasks, so you don’t have to spend so much time on learning the technical details.

legal PHOTOS and graphics

There are free options for getting legally free stock-like images. But you know what? Many of those photos are used by so many people that if you’re in the industry (or just on Pinterest 😉 ), you recognize many of them on many graphics used by different people and businesses. Choosing such a popular, used-up photo won’t increase the view of your brand.

And always on paid services, you’ll find much more images for any search, so you’ll spend less time looking for the photo you like.

Stock Unlimited have a very affordable annual plan with unlimited downloads and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

StockUnlimited $79 for 12 Months Subscription

a photo editing and GRAPHIC DESIGN tool

To fill your website with attractive content, illustrate your words and to create all the marketing stuff, including social media images – if you want to do it on your own.

Check PicMonkey for their customizable templates, photo editing, and design tools, including graphics, fonts, and textures.

Get a 7-day Free Trial of PicMonkey

LOGO and website design

It’s good to have the brand’s visual identity system from the first day of running your online business.

This means that you’ve chosen colors, fonts, photo style and logo for your brand. Having such a system makes it easier for people to recognize and remember your brand.

You can create a logo and choose fonts and color on your own, using free tools, or PicMonkey. Or you can hire professionals like Deluxe Business Services.

the SYSTEMS of how you work (efficiently!)

The Internet makes our possible actions boundless which is, of course, a big advantage. But, on the other side, having infinite choices can cause a lack of focus and lost direction.

To direct with confidence in today’s world of possibilities (and distractions), I recommend learning good working systems and habits from books and courses listed below.

BOOKS to improve your online business skills

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Company of One by Paul Jarvis

Deep Work by Cal Newport

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

In my opinion, these are obligatory reads for anyone who wants to run their own business today.

COURSES and other resources for a successful online business

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2019 – a collection of 94 ebooks, ecourses and other material for bloggers, ebook authors, podcasters, influencers and other people wanting to grow their online presence; the Toolkit is on sale only till 10/07 with 30-day money-back guarantee

How To Create A Microbusiness That Matters by Courtney Carver – Learn the basics of staring and directing a microbusiness, especially one based on a blog. Courtney shows how to grow a business without sacrificing your values or family life. A simple and totally honest approach to business.

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2019 by Ultimate Bundles – a discounted set of ebooks, ecourses, and printables to help you stay organized, focused and, yes, productive.

Make the Most of Every Day  - 97% off!

The Art Of Less Doing by Ari Meisel. An online business means an ocean of possibilities, plenty of directions in which you could work, and probably tons of your ideas for what you can do. It’s important to simplify, to choose priorities and to learn techniques to automate the rest. It is what Ari Meisel’s course is about. You can also read my review of the course here.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner – for those who want to use affiliate marketing as the main or side income source.

the knowledge and professional DEVELOPMENT

Creative Live online courses – help for people in the creative industry. Enables to improve skills, work efficiency and to get the necessarry knowledge, especially in areas like photography, video, music, audio, art, design, craft, writing. But there are also quality courses on more general subjects, including self-confidence, money, people skills, marketing, planning and… happiness.

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