Beginning Cloth Diapering – My Experience

Trying to be more eco-friendly, being aware of chemicals contained in disposable diapers harmfulness and hating producing so much waste, I’ve decided to start cloth diapering.

Beginning cloth diapering – my starting set

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A set of 20 flat diapers and 2 one-size, adjustable PUL diaper covers has cost as much as a set of disposable diapers for about two months. At home, I had already 2 diaper covers and some flat diapers.

Beginning cloth diapering – advantages and disadvantages I see after a month

pros of cloth diapers

– I’m not producing terrible waste: diapers and their packagings. What is more, disposable diapers contain urine converted into a gel that is trapped in plastic for many, many years. There is trapped water, which because of this artificial gel forms will not return to circulation for a long time.

– I’m not putting strong chemicals (that are ingredients of disposable diapers) on my baby’s skin. Skin absorbs substances that are in contact with it and they go inside our bodies. And in disposable diapers there are carcinogenic dioxins, heavy metals, unnecessary perfumes and more…

– I don’t have to smell the chemical scent of disposable diapers.

– I don’t have additional waste in my bin, so I carry out my garbage less frequently.

– I don’t have diapers in my bin that was SO smelly because of them.

– I don’t have to go shopping for diapers.

– When I go shopping I don’t have to carry back home big packages of diapers.

– With cloth diapers, I’m independent of producers and shops.

– It’s possible my child avoids diseases linked to using disposable diapers.

cons of cloth diapers

– They’re not ready to use. I have to fold them. (In case of flat diapers + covers, but there are other solutions, like prefold diapers).

– I have to do additional washing about every two days. That takes my time (washing + hanging + putting on their place in the room), space (when hanging and drying), needs washing powder, water and electric power.

– I have to change them more often. My Son starts to feel dampness after some time and he cries. In disposable diapers he could stay… probably until clothes would get wet.

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