sand - best natural peeling

The Best Peeling in the World – Article Sponsored by Nature

How are your feet hidden for the whole day in shoes, house slippers and socks?

In Europe, we have even a law that bans walking barefoot in cities and towns. Yes, you can get a fine for it!

And it happens in the era when scientists realized that the contact of our barefoot feet with the ground is healing. For example, it balances electrical impulses of our body that are nowadays disturbed by radio, wifi, cell phone and other waves.

Our feet are tired and imprisoned today. We’ve taken away from them the contact with the ground that they need.

Trying to make them look and feel fresh and healthy many people use pumice stone which nowadays is said to be too strong.

Others are using peelings bought in stores. In times when we already know that store cosmetics are very harmful to our health.


sand - best natural peeling

But if we need something to make our bodies feel better, we can be sure, Mother Nature gave it to us. Like she gave everything to the birds and other animals: food, shelter, space.

The answer for sore, tired and bad looking feet is… sand. It acts like a peeling.

You absolutely have to do it, when you’re at the sea!

I heard it from my Husband who has always been the sea fan, while I’ve been the mountains specialist.

This year we spent only a few days on the beach in Piaski (Poland, Baltic Sea), so I thought walking on the beach for such a short time could be not enough.

I kept walking barefoot on the sand but one day, sitting on our blanket, I’ve started to make a massage of my feet skin with the sand. Gently, not with much pressure. A delicate massage.

And imagine that my feet’s skin feels now like never before in my adult life! The skin is really smooth.

The best peeling in the world

Sand peeling.

Producer: Nature.

Price: 0 $.

My review: 10/10.

You must try it when you’re at a sea!

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