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Best of Slow and Happy blog 2017

A List of 17 Non-Clutter Gifts Ideas for Adults and Kids

Before you buy traditional gifts such as random clothes, funny pajamas, accessories, decoration and other items, consider choosing non-clutter gifts and letting people who you care about enjoy this small portion of benefits of a minimalist lifestyle.

Becoming Minimalist and Practicing Minimalism – a Simple Experiment to Start

Some people ask how to start the journey of becoming minimalist. Others ask, what and how to do when you are already on this path, to feel even better. In this article, I try to answer those questions.

How Much Does a Minimalist Tidy up and Clean Home?

Keeping these rules allows me to wash almost all of my and my Boys’ clothes together. And last weekend I used an iron for the first time this year. Yes! And it’s September. Stay with me if you want to have as easy life as mine 🙂

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best of slow and happy blog 2017: minimalism, simplifying life, motherhood, minimalist mom

Life after Minimalism? 5 Thoughts after 5 Years of Being a Minimalist

You won’t change the world. I won’t change the world. So let’s set our rules, take our experiments, try more conscious lifestyles but then: let’s have fun, joy, let’s feel love, let’s live this life, knowing that nor our life, nor the world are perfect.

5 Rules for Decluttering Toys by a Minimalist Mom

Being a parent means having a child. Having a child means having additional items. Having a child means love, fun, time together, playtime and a bit of dedication. But it doesn’t mean that you have to change into toy-picker, toy manager, toy repairer and toy-slave. Spending too much time on tidying up your kids’ stuff is not what anybody was meant to be!

Eco Friendly Homes – 17 Tips That Will Make You Save Health, Time and Money

Fortunately, minimalism and ecology go hand in hand. We have a really wide field to improve your model of consumption for more economical, eco-friendly and healthier.

5 Things I Have and 5 Things I Don’t: Electronics

I just learned to not overrate the importance of our files. Photos, notes – we forget about them and not use them.

Laptop charger, phone charger, and e-reader cable – are the only cables I need.

best of slow and happy blog 2017: minimalism, simplifying life, motherhood, minimalist mom

The One Sign That You’ve Reached a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe and How to Get There

Check in which areas decluttering your wardrobe can bring you more consciousness (simply: benefits of a perfect capsule wardrobe) and how to start the process. But first I’m telling you what I promise in the title.

-> check also the full guide to creating a capsule wardrobe by the 333 Project and capsule wardrobes expert, Courtney Carver

Toddler Boy Gift Guide (1-4 Years Old). Toys from Amazon under $100 (2017)

I went through Amazon bestselling toys guide to find things that I’m sure my boys (1-year-old and 3.5-year-old) would enjoy. I also checked the reviews for you, so you won’t find here anything of poor quality about which customers complained.

A Step by Step Guide to Minimizing Your Kids’ Clothes and Making Kids Look the Best Every Day

Apply it also to your wardrobe: life is too short to keep wearing our worst clothes and saving our favorite and best looking for someday.

Your 2017 focus and searches

The most popular articles from the last year focus on minimalism, motherhood and simplifying life to be able to do more of what you want instead of only caring of your items! I see you want to come on this path (to a simpler life) and to tidy less! 😉

So let’s go! Start with reading the above articles or go to the blog’s archives.

best of slow and happy blog 2017: minimalism, simplifying life, motherhood, minimalist mom #bestof #bestarticles #articles #minimalism #whattoread #momslife #momsblog #bloggingmom


I wish you a fulfilling Year!

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