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mini art: the bestseller lie

I suppose that many of you browse for interesting books or find them in other ways. Have you noticed how many of the books that seem attractive to you are called bestsellers? I suppose that at least half of them. Or maybe 80-90%. This is what I experience.

Are really all books bestsellers?

If almost all books on the market are called bestsellers, what does the word actually mean?

Does it really indicate the best selling titles? Or does it say: it’s a book of a well-known person, we’ve paid them a lot and created the sexy cover, and arranged interviews in the best tv stations, so we want to sell it in huge numbers?

Probably the second explaination is what really happens on the market now.

What the word bestseller would mean for me, is the top 5%, maybe 10% of best selling titles.

The second issue is – based on what I feel – that too many products, including book, don’t meet promises told us by the marketing departments.

Through a few last years, I’ve observed that a significant part of books, courses and material products which I buy, disappoint me. And being a minimalist since years, believe me, if I decide to get something, it has good reasons and is preceded by hours of research (to get only the best or at least valuable).

I even don’t recommend on the blog all books by popular minimalist authors, because, in my opinion, some of the books are of a very low value.

I’s a huge problem of today’s big marketing which I see: it sells nothing valuable, promising us something of a big value (life-changing etc.).

You’re probably already aware of a poor quality of many clothes or food products. But have you noticed that there are more and more poor quality books? I’m talking here especially about self-help, self-development and similiar titles with life advice.

Such titles were very popular, so now many people try to get some money from this market sector. And they just fill pages with words, repeating themselves, leaving much empty space, telling only things that are easily accessible in the shallow Internet articles.

I value books with original content, original view on the described issue, giving new advice, new information. I value books with practical action steps (which have some reasonable goal).

It is possible to publish even a very short book but packed so much with sensible, practical, eye-opening content, that it will change people’s lives, that people will recommend and… that will sell well. (Example? Rework!)


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