Why to Boycott Big Stores and Big Brands?

I’m starting a series of articles showing that big stores and big brands are a problem for society’s, communities, our environment and mainly for us as human beings. I’m sure it would be good if we’d start big stores and big brands boycott .

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Big brands and big stores make our society society of consumers.

For example because of having much money for advertising. They can afford using techniques to make us want… anything. And their advertisements have broad audience. Even on public television. Now many magazines exist just to sell. There are magazines that you buy for your money that are catalogues of things to buy (like clothes and accessories). For your money. Even governments argue that buying, spending, consuming is our patriotic duty. They say that we can support producers and farmers and businesses from our country by buying. They also need our taxes collected by every purchase (value added tax).

Big brands and big stores offer boring, stupid, not developing and not ambitious jobs to millions of people.

To people who earlier had dreams and passions. And now they just make peep while scanning items you buy and they give you receipts. Or offer some stupid shampoo to every purchase.

Big brands and big stores often make people work in nonhuman conditions for shockingly low salary.

Especially when they are almost the only employer in a region.

Big brands and big stores don’t care also about our environment.

Their production is horrible in terms of pollution and waste. Their awful buildings have no windows, all day long unreasonably consuming electricity to power bulbs.

Big brands and big shops offer low quality.

Big brands and big stores are anonymous huge organisations. Which means you don’t know who to talk with if you have any problem, like complain. It’s also impossible to suggest any changes to such a huge organisation. Try big brands boycott – you wouldn’t have these problems when visiting a local shop run by owner’s family who wants to listen to their customers needs – not only declare it in advertisements.

If everyone will buy only big brands in big stores, most people will also… work there.

Your son and father will be guards by a supermarket entrance and your daughter and mother will clean there or work as cashier. You will put heavy boxes of products on shelves. Every day, seeing no sunlight.

Monopoly is always good… for the monopolist.

It’s better for us to keep alternatives to big brands and big shops alive! Otherwise they will be the only to dictate prices and to choose products for us. Would then complains have any effect?

Let’s start big stores and big brands boycott!

Choose quality. Pay for good knowledge.

Avoid plastic, waste and following false needs.

Anti-consumerism – books:

To be more conscious in the subject of anti-consumerism I recommend you to read:


big brands boycott
No logo*

Naomi Klein, No logo* – a cultural manifesto for the critics of unfettered capitalism worldwide. A story of rebellion and self-determination in the face of our new branded world.


big brands boycott - reasons why
This changes everything*

Naomi Klein, This changes everything. Capitalism vs. the climate* – a brilliant explanation of why the climate crisis challenges us to abandon the core “free market” ideology of our time, restructure the global economy, and remake our political systems. Either we embrace radical change ourselves or radical changes will be visited upon our physical world.


big shops and big brands boycott
A crime so monstrous*

E. Benjamin Skinner, A crime so monstrous: face-to-face with modern-day slavery* – after spending four years visiting a dozen countries where slavery flourishes, Skinner tells the story, in gripping narrative style, of individuals who live in slavery, those who have escaped from bondage, those who own or traffic in slaves, and the mixed political motives of those who seek to combat the crime.

Here you’ll find the list of all important for me books that have been changing me.

To watch:

Annie Leonard, The Story of Stuff

Other videos by Story of Stuff Project

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