mini art: what I love in bloggers from some English-speaking coutries

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From my funny English you know that it’s not my first language. I’m from somewehere in the crazy socialistic Europe. I’m open enough to not be stuck in what the Internet in my language offers, and to use mainly the English-language part of the Internet.

This way, I stumble upon interesting world views and lifestyles. People live and think, and see the world in many different ways, make various life choices, and many of them would seem weird to me if I’d be only stuck in my culture.

For example, in my country, there a few hundreds homeschooling families. And in the US plus Australia plus the UK…? There are so many that it’s easy to find someone writing on this topic, sharing their experiences on the Internet. There are even various styles of homeschooling and you write about these, too.

So I meet various types of people with various experiences, world views, choices and values.

One thing that surprised me, in a very positive way, is that many women from English-speaking coutries write openly about their relation with God.

It’s new to me!

I theoretically live in the country called very, VERY Catholic. But the myth of Catholicism here is, what I write: a myth. Maybe in surveys people say they are christians. We celebrate Easter and Christmas. Most weddings and funerals are held in churches.

But avarage people don’t talk about God, don’t show their faith to others. I think that most people don’t believe in God or that this sphere of life is just out of their interest. It’s the everyday.

But there are days when everyone would pretend to be Catholic. Mostly, for the family and for a priest, before the wedding. Communicating on funerals.

It’s somehow out of place to show that God is important to you in public: at work, on the Internet, during meetings with friends.

So I love you, people from the US, Australia etc. Because how many of you are not ashamed to show your faith if you’re a believer (of course, I don’t assume that every American is a believer).

I don’t care whether someone believes in God or not, is from this or that religion. I just love the truth. Speak about yourself. Don;t pretend and don’t hide.

So, I love when women write about God or other power in which they believe normally, between other subjects, inside other subjects, like it’s a normal part of their lives, their thoughts, an element living within them all the time…

In Europe, people tend to keep presenting themselves as undefined to not… I don;t know… give offense or shock other people.

I love women writing about fashion, home organization, travels and putting between lines words about their faith, experiences of God, praying…

Jesus lover, Jesus follower, God’s Child – in instagram descriptions, next to wine lover and fashion lover. I like it.

So little signs available to describe yourself on insta but they choose to waste them to tell that God is important in their lives.

God (or any other power, energy) is in every aspect of your life, it’s a part of you. This is so new for me, because here, for an average person: God is at church and outside the church we forget.

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