Blogging Goals till the End of August

Recently I found that some bloggers are publishing monthly reports, saying among others, which blogging tasks set for the month they accomplished. I’ve decided to give this idea a chance. But I prefer rather write about my plans, my promises for myself and for you, my readers. After publishing the promise, it will be harder for me to not stick to the plan!

blogging goals examples

As a minimalist and being aware that being a full-time mother for two energetic boys takes most of my time and energy, I choose only a few tasks. I think it’s better to have a short to-do list and tick off all the tasks than to have a long list and do almost nothing. And remember, productivity is not the goal, productivity is not the god.

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blogging goals for the second half of August

1. As it’s the third year of the blog and there are already many articles, I want to choose top ten (the most liked, the most helpful) articles in main categories like slow living, minimalism, and motherhood to help new readers find the most valuable content and to remind my regular readers of it. I’ll put links to these articles in the sidebar.

2. Create beautiful graphics with pinable quotes from these top articles.

3. Add call-to-actions to chosen articles. To get to know you better. How you react to articles and what kind of content do you need.

4. Rewrite the About page.

5. Tidy up the resources page.

6. Develop and tidy up blog’s Pinterest boards to help you find more resources, inspiring to live a slow and happy life.


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