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Women appearance and beauty are subjects that I’m continuously interested in. I’m a woman. Magazines tell me I should be beautiful. No, they tell me I should make myself beautiful. Make-up, clothes, shoes (heels only!), accessories, nails, the look and the confidence, you know. From the other side, we hear that the beauty is inside, that we should be ourselves, feel good and be beautiful for ourselves and in the way how we understand being beautiful. Industries try to sell, to improve our look, to make easier by complicating, I mean by adding. Adding requirements (not only shaved legs but also underarms and down there), adding machines (laser epilation for home use or electronic something to peel your feet). The environmentalists say give up washing yourself or read labels (after collecting the huge amounts of knowledge).

The article contains affiliate links.

So… It is the beauty today. Rather complicated.

But what came to my mind today is the connection of women appearance with geography and – being more precise – with the wealth level of their place of living.

To make my writing simpler here is how I’ll use the words:

Beautifulmade. Like from magazines. With careful make-up, feminine clothes and hair looking like she spend three hours a day on taking care of them.

Uglynot made. Natural or with little efforts to keep with trends and other’s expectations.

What I’ve noticed is that you’ll find a more beautiful woman in a country poorer than yours. And the wealthier a country is, the less woman feel expected to care about their feminine appearance.

Think of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, USA.

Look at clothes, hair, make-up, nudity:

Can Only Rich and Happy Woman Be Ugly - slow and happy blog (12)

It seems that the happier and the richer a woman is, the less feels she expected to follow trends and to try to fit in the model of a beauty.

In The Geography of Bliss Eric Weiner writes about the saddest country in Europe which is an extremely poor. No one can afford a television advertised on a billboard. Most men from this country went to other countries to work and earn money, so in the country, there are much more women than men. So women have to compete, usually using their appearance. As a result, a woman who uncovers almost all of her body, who would be mistaken a prostitute in many countries – is a normal thing to see there.

I wish I’d live in a society where no one would expect from me any model of look and where no one would judge me by appearance nor stare at me.

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