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You Can’t Change the World. And It’s Ok

Do you see many subjects in our world that are unfair and should be banned or organised in another way? There are plenty of them. You get the knowledge or experience some facts. And you ask yourself, how could you change it. Unfortunately, often the answer is: you can’t change the world. Learn to accept it. To avoid destroying yourself – and you’re a beautiful, sensitive being.

What to do if you can’t change the world?

There are two ways of dealing with world’s evil

You can start to fight with it

You can’t change the world. Or maybe you can? Be an activist, act in politics, write letters to institutions, organise protests. Against bad and stupid laws, against spraying our food with pesticides, against aspartame in our food.

But it’s trying to fight with something so, so big. Like protesting against the existence of Mount Everest.

I see so many unfair and hurting actions in our world. But to avoid drowning into pessimism and depression, I’ve chosen another way:

You can treat it like weather

You can’t change the world. I have no influence on how the weather is today, but I also don’t complain all the time. I see facts and do what I’ve planned for the day. I look in this way on politics, global production of food packed with chemicals and on the subject of chemitrails. All these matters are so bigger than me.

I encourage you to live the life you dream of. Probably it’s a life you wish to everyone.

It’s not an easy attitude. What it requires from you is:

Don’t buy new plastic, polyester or electronic crap. While being conscious that other people still will keep updating their gadgets and wardrobes every three months. While being conscious that producers will produce the same amount of crap, whether you (and a few people like me and you) will stop buying it or no.

 Don’t spend time in shops, letting yourself being seducted by advertisement like I don’t have it on my list, but the discounted little snack packed with so much plastic would be a fair reward for my horrible / hard / very fruitful day.

Respect yourself (body, mind and soul) and don’t work at night, even if the rest of population will still exploit themselves.

Let yourself be happy, healthy. Let yourself breathe. On the fresh air. Let yourself give up social schemes. Let yourself hug your loved ones. Let yourself live.

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