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Carcinogenic and Harmful Cosmetics Are Fact. Johnson & Johnson’s Committed Customer Dead of Cancer

It is more comfortable not to know about the harmfulness of cosmetics. Most of the population ignores the subject when mentioned, even delicately, like on the blog:

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People have the problem to live among other people and do not use deodorant, do not choose among fragrances, do not rub the advertised and recommended by friends creams?

So, deciding to drastically reduce the cosmetics you lose a normal subject to talk about and you do not look like you should look (ie, you have natural hair color and lack of makeup). And if you start to talk among friends about what you have changed, they can move away from you – freak.

After reading the rest of the article you will have to answer the question of whether you are more interested in approval from people living in social schemes, or in living longer… Perhaps in the dregs of society …

Harmful cosmetics are a fact

In February this year, a court in Missouri issued a verdict obliging the company Johnson & Johnson to pay 72 million dollars in damages to a family of a woman who regularly used their products and then died of ovarian cancer.

If someone proved that the cause of death were harmful substances in cosmetics (asbestos!) …

If someone won the case against the such a big company…

Facts and evidence must be evident and indisputable.

What’s more, the company Johnson & Johnson have known about the carcinogenic effect of their cosmetics for years.

As a person somehow aware in those topics I guessed that the facts are like this, nevertheless it shocked me.

Such a case like Johnson & Johnson’s shows everything … And people will still buy – pay to poison themselves. Because it is foolish not to use, because it is foolish to refuse, because it is stupid to be different. But beyond the health you could save money and time used on putting cosmetics on your skin.

Do I hear your thoughts about cosmetics not being harmful and carcinogenic? That the standards, controls, approvals, and besides, plant extracts and all the beneficial, rebuilding features…?

Yes, the cosmetic companies want money from you, so they want to sell you anything! Yes, big companies need money from you! No, they are not interested in what they give you, but in the fact that you pay! No, the big companies are not taking care of your well-being or health!

Large companies, nor governments of any state nor other organizations care about your financial, mental, spiritual well-being, or your health.

Dentist earns thanks to broken teeth, they have no interest in healthy teeth. Pharmaceutical companies are cashing in on the sick, not healthy.

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Yes, you need to take care of yourself, take your life and your health in your own hands, because no one else will do it for you!

So: are you more interested in approval from people living in social schemes, or in living longer?

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  1. Soaps and shampoos strip away the body’s natural oils. Chemicals from cosmetics are absorbed by the skin, our largest organ. Water alone cleanses the human body. Using the hand, a brush or a wash cloth provides the friction needed to remove dead skin and dirt.

    1. Thank you for the comment. Of course in the past people haven’t used any cosmetics and the human kind has not extinct!

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