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mini art: my experience with the carnivore diet

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For more than a month I’m experimenting with a now-popular diet based on fatty meat. Today I’ll share with you carnivore diet results which I see in my body and mind.

Why have I decided to eat this way? I haven’t felt good on the average or normal diet. I was always hungry, I could be eating all the time, during every activity thinking about what I’ll eat next.

I always looked thin and young but how I feel and whether my body is healthy – this issues are important for me, not only the weight.

So, for 6+ weeks 80-90% of what I eat is: meat (as fat as possible), including liver, fat fish, butter, fat cheese, fat cottage cheese, butter, milk.

In the beginning, it’s hard to eat so much fat and to give up fruits, grains and lean meat.

There is also the social problem: sometimes I just want to eat something out of my list when having a good time with other people.

But the carnivore diet results, beneficial for my appearance and well-being are so huge, some seen even after first free days of eating maybe 50-60% carnivore. I don’t want to lose these effects.

What I wanted to share with you today are the benefits I see in my body and in my mood on the almost carnivore diet. Here is the list.

carnivore diet results I experience

  • I have better physical energy: it’s steady for a few hours after a meal.
  • The brain fog is much, much smaller, so I think more constructively, I’m not trapped in a cloud of billiards of stupid, distracting thoughts. Probably it’s the effect of giving up grains and adding fats which are building our brain, too.
  • I have less sugar/snack cravings. Even when I decide to eat something sweet, I don’t feel the want to eat the whole package like before.
  • I have almost no need to snack. My body is full, not hungry, and I’m not thinking every three minutes about what would I eat or what will I eat next – which was my norm! Not thinking all the time about eating – it’s so freeing! I also don’t have the need to bring some snack to the room when I’m working, watching something, etc. I just really don’t need to eat all the time. It. Is. Freeing.
  • I’m more emotionally stable. I get furious less often. I lose patience later than when I ate everything, including much carbohydrates. I can pause before I react and choose my reaction.
  • I get less negative thoughts, my thinking is really clear.
  • My skin gets much better. I wasn’t bad but now it’s closer and closer to Photoshop effect (without Photoshop and with no makeup). Firstly, dark circles below my eyes started to get smaller and slowly disappear. Then my skin got… thicker? Richer? I don’t know how to describe it. Like it would be nourished and strong. Small wrinkles on my forehead started to disappear, too. That’s much more than I couldn’t even imagine!
  • My heels, which were extremely dry and I was afraid of getting painful cracking heels – they rebuilt ad the skin is healthy and soft. With zero creams. It’s like I’m oiling my skin from inside.
  • What I suppose is also: if my skin experienced such a relief and nourishing, probably other my organs are also rebuilding and thanking me.
  • I sleep well and get up without problems, full of energy more often than on my previous diet.
  • My eating is simpler. Less choice or limits can be good for us. I’ve learned it already being a minimalist, in other areas of life. So, now I eat fewer products, variety is not a thing I look for. I have much less cleaning after meal preparation. And grocery shopping is so easy now. I shop less often. I throw to trash less rotten food like vegetables and fruits which we haven’t eaten while they were fresh.


Simple eating habits are exactly what you need for better health, productivity and tidier kitchen

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