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unsatisfied needs - What to Do When Other People Don't Satisfy Your Needs - creating a fulfilling feminine life

What to do when other people don’t satisfy your needs?

We all have needs, it’s normal, it’s animal and it’s human. From the need to nourish our bodies to the need that your spouse will make you a cup of coffee (without having been asked). In life, some of them remain unmet needs. Breathing, food, water, home, security, health, pleasure, family, friendship, intimacy, respect, personal …

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how to nourish your inner femininity - Slow and Happy blog

Coming back to the inner femininity

Today’s world, including culture, education, religion, business and much more, is based on rules that are masculine. It’s easier and more natural for men to live in such a world. But we, women, could opt out of this world and start living according to our feminine rules, respecting our feminine needs, using our feminine abilities. …

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lunar eclipse red blood moon 2018 blog femininity

mini art: The Red Moon

As you know from my newest articles, I’m recently fascinated with the subject of femininity on different levels. I hope you know or can fast imagine that the moon, the Luna is connected to women. We have cycles like the moon and cycles of similar length. The subject is huge, probably I’ll write more about …

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