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How to Make Your Blog Look Bigger Than Your Competitors’. Even If You’re Small

The Power of Sharing Your Story. Why Should You Blog?

Cut Down Your Work-Time and Power-Up Your Effectiveness

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How to Make Your Blog Look Bigger Than Your Competitors'. Even If You're Small or how to connect your google analytics with similarweb (1)

Quick Tip for Fellow Bloggers: How to Make Your Blog Look Bigger Than Your Competitors’. Even If You’re Small

As the title says, I’ll share with you a quick tip for bloggers with new, small or growing blogs. I’ll introduce you to one tool that I use almost daily. One of its features, of which I wasn’t aware for…

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simple and slow living plans for the new year - a simple year 2018 (3)
Blogging, Body, Minimalism, Slow Life

Simple and Slow Living Plans for the New Year 2018. Will You Join?

Today I’ll share with you how I want to grow in three areas connected with the Slow and Happy blog subjects. They are minimalism, health + ecology, and slow living. There is nothing radical or extremely difficult in my plans for…

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18 Lessons from the Last Year. My Birthday Blog Article - slow and happy blog of a conscious and simple living mompreneur (1)
Blogging, Life Organization, Slow Life

18 Lessons from the Last Year. My Birthday Blog Article

Today’s my birthday! Inspired by Jennifer’s article, 35 Things I’ve Learned in 35 Years, I’ve started collecting lessons which I have learned during last 12 months. And it was a year of big changes in me. It was a year of rewriting my…

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why bloggers choose bluehost hosting and which elements to consider while choosing a hosting company (2)

Why Bloggers Choose Bluehost in 2017? A Few Words about the Trusted Hosting Company

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and aspiring bloggers may wonder, what elements should they consider when choosing a hosting company for their website. For people who never had to so with starting a website, the whole thing may seem difficult, complicated…

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Blogging, Life Organization, Minimalism, Slow Life

Cut Down Your Work-Time and Power-Up Your Effectiveness

In school, we were given homework for next week. How many of you have devoted seven days to do it? Or at least seven evenings? And how many of you did your homework the evening before and then got an…

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personal stories - why you should share them

The Power of Sharing Your Story. Why You Should Blog?

On the blog I inspire and teach simple living and regaining our resources – space, time, attention – to live a happier life. But those texts are not just how-to’s or cold lists of tips. Among words which I write…

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full-time blogger - let's set measurable goals

My Blogging Goals for September – Get Inspired and Improve Your Blog with Me

If you ever tried to blog, you’ve probably experienced that blogging is a very complex thing! It can be very simple. As simple as writing and publishing new texts. But when you already do and enjoy this, then you read…

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Blogging Goals till the End of August

Recently I found that some bloggers are publishing monthly reports, saying among others, which blogging tasks set for the month they accomplished. I’ve decided to give this idea a chance. But I prefer rather write about my plans, my promises…

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Making Income Through a Blog - basics, mindset, different sources
Blogging, Finances

Making Money Blogging – Do You Think It’s Not Possible?

Making money blogging and generally making money on the internet are hot topics for years. One extreme is people hoping to earn millions, doing nothing, in two days. The other extreme is businesses based on pulling money from the former…

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A little guide to slow blogging book ebook
Blogging, Minimalism, Slow Life

Slow Blogging: The Golden Mean in Running a Blog

Today the internet is full of advice on blogging. You should do research, take photos, write, search for best keywords, photoshop the photos, create a call to action, let people know on social media, observe the audience behavior, improve user…

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