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All You Need: 14 Eco-Friendly Minimalist Toiletries

Brushing Teeth with Coconut Oil as A Toothpaste (For 2 Years and Counting! + a Dentist Check)

How to Simplify Your Skin Care? Minimalist’s Tips

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ultimate healthy living bundle 2018 discounted plus bonus
Body, Motherhood, Slow Life

An Affordable Way to Prioritize Your Health – Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2018

Here’s an offer for people interested in resources leading to a healthier lifestyle. Since 2012, Ultimate Bundles has been creating the annual Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, a complete collection of resources to help you: – prioritize your health and be…

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How to use a lunar menstrual calendar - Slow and Happy
Body, Femininity

How to Use Your Lunar Menstrual Calendar

Lunar menstrual calendar – today I’ll encourage you to go back to this good, old tradition of self-observation and nature observation. Have you known that the oldest discovered calendars are lunar calendars, used by women to observe and document their…

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Why and How to Brush Teeth with Coconut Oil - after 3 Years of Experiences - Slow and Happy blog - coconut oil for toothcare expert

Why and How to Brush Teeth with Coconut Oil – after 3 Years of Experiences

Because my article about coconut oil as a toothpaste is one of the most popular on the blog since the day it was published and I see many people are interested in the subject, I’ve decided to share even more…

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coming back to the inner femininity - confidence
Body, Femininity

Coming Back to the Inner Femininity

Today’s world, including culture, education, religion, business and much more, is based on rules that are masculine. It’s easier and more natural for men to live in such a world. But we, women, could opt out of this world and…

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Discovering your feminity, Feminine Traits for Beginners. Why Do Women Wish for a Slower, Simpler Life?
Body, Motherhood, Slow Life

Why Do Women Wish for a Slower, Simpler Life? Feminine Traits for Beginners

Recently, in my regular self-development listenings, going from one person to another, form one teacher to another, I’ve stumbled upon the subject of feminity. Feminity which is defined far deeper than high-heels and makeup. It’s about all women’s nature: how our…

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minimalist toiletries, minimalist cosmetics - simple and natural - Slow and Happy blog about creating a fulfilling feminine life
Body, Minimalism

All You Need: 14 Eco-Friendly Minimalist Toiletries [2018 Updated]

Every girl after becoming a woman is searching for her perfect care products set. Number one thing for us is looking for a good care and hygiene of our bodies. But more and more woman become interested in health and…

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Oils for Skin Care - Introduction and Choosing the Right Type of Oil - slow and happy blog

Oils for Skin Care – Introduction and Choosing the Right Type of Oil

Soon the winter ends and we will begin to show more of our skin. We want it to look its best. So, ladies and gentlemen, we are coming back to the issue of simple body care. Oils for skin care (face,…

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How to Change Your Diet for Good The Slow Change Approach - blog article
Body, Slow Life

How to Change Your Diet for Good? The Slow Change Approach

If you already keep your dream diet every day, you are in the minority (speaking only of those who do reflect on what they eat). For most of us, even if we have a clearly defined purpose, it is a…

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More Hours of Sleep or Getting Things Done - slow living blog - slow and happy (3)
Body, Slow Life

More Hours of Sleep or Getting Things Done?

Too often today’s culture values people who accomplish tasks, one after another, after another. Our worth depends on tasks that we’ve done, goals we’ve achieved, courses we’ve completed, titles we’ve gained. Plus a beautiful apartment and a trendy look. We’re…

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simple and slow living plans for the new year - a simple year 2018 (3)
Blogging, Body, Minimalism, Slow Life

Simple and Slow Living Plans for the New Year 2018. Will You Join?

Today I’ll share with you how I want to grow in three areas connected with the Slow and Happy blog subjects. They are minimalism, health + ecology, and slow living. There is nothing radical or extremely difficult in my plans for…

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