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Capsule Wardrobe

All about slow and happy capsule wardrobe :)

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The One Sign That You’ve Reached a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe and How to Get There

A Minimalist’s Wardrobe Challenge to Improve Your Style

22-Item Toddler Capsule Wardrobe for Summer/Autumn Season


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best resources | capsule wardrobe

weekly photos of my outfits in the mini art series

Dress with Less and Create Your Capsule Wardrobe – course by Courtney Carver

best services

FatLama – borrow or lend clothes, bags instead of buying/just storing or throwing away (US & UK)

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The one sign that you’ve reached a perfect capsule wardrobe and how to get there

I’m happy that capsule wardrobes or minimalist wardrobes have gotten very trendy in the past few years. Even if someone tried it and failed, actually there is no fail. By just trying, just starting we already get more awareness that cannot be ungot. Today I’ll show you in which areas decluttering your wardrobe can bring you consciousness (simply: benefits of…

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What’s in my bag? – minimalism in practice

After writing down my thoughts on the subject of minimalism, after bringing up some theory and rules, it’s time for more examples. What I’ve worked out by my about five-year experience with minimalism? Today’s subject is woman’s bag’s content. I’ll show you what’s in my bag on an average day and explain to you why I think I need these…

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The last edition of A Simple Year course

The registration for the course is already closed. You can check other Courtney’s courses: Dress With Less and Create Your Capsule Wardrobe How To Create A Microbusiness That Matters If you want to simplify meal planning check these recipes, meal plans, and knowledge resources: Healthy Meal Planning Bundle I recommend you also Ari Meisel’s course on simplifying your life: The…

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Simple Year 2018 – Get Minimalist Experts’ Guidance for the Whole Year! Simplify Your Life in 2018

Today I want to introduce to you a great project, A Simple Year 2018. Below are the most important information and my reasons why it’s totally worth its price: less than $21/month. Registration is still open and you have a lifetime access to all materials. This super helpful and eye-opening course is initiated by one of my favorite people from all the authors writing about…

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mini art: Walks in Nature aka Forest Bathing with Kids

This series of mini arts was meant to catch and save my thoughts from the week that is ending. But last week things happened that kept me busy with what’s going on outside the home or inside our bodies, so no thoughts this time 😉 Just a report from my week, including photos from our walks in nature and my…

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mini art: Seasons Changes and Seriously Slowing Down

A week ago we had first really warm days here. I’ve pulled spring outdoor clothes out of our wardrobe. And on Friday winter came back, bringing, in my opinion, more snow than in any moment during this winter. The world, watched through home or car windows looks like a wonderland, that’s true. But after these months of autumn and winter,…

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Our Toddler’s Capsule Wardrobe | Minimalism in Practice

At the beginning of the year, in the middle of winter when we were much more clothes than during summer, I found myself totally overwhelmed by our Boys (aged 1 and 3) clothes. We don’t have many clothes for them. At least I thought so. I buy only a few items a year for the Older when we really feel…

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October’s Powerful Reads: Slow Living, Capsule Wardrobes and a Bit of Idleness

Welcome to another collection of good articles and books! This month I’ve found valuable reads in the subjects of slow living, being less productive and idler. There is a capsule wardrobe challenge and a good book for parents. Disclosure: the article contains affiliate links for which I may get compensation. What I’ve read in October? Articles Stefano Hatfield, Why we all…

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How to Buy Clothes? – 8 Rules of Conscious Shopping

Do you want to live a conscious life? Start with buying clothes more reasonably! For the person who wants to grow, every smallest action can be a challenge, a subject to rethink and set it on a better track. So how to buy clothes consciously? When speaking of clothes purchases, you first need to tear off all layers of marketing…

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22-Item Toddler Capsule Wardrobe for Summer/Autumn Season

As a minimalist, I firstly discovered benefits of paring down my own wardrobe to really only essentials. I have a few basic, simple clothes that take little space in our closet. Less stress and better look are the biggest advantages of the decluttering I made. But for a long time, I haven’t applied it to my Boys closets. Until I’ve…

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Capsule Wardrobe, Minimalism, Minimalism with Kids, Motherhood

A Step by Step Guide to Minimizing Your Kids’ Clothes and Making Kids Look the Best Every Day

Today I’ll introduce to you another experiment that can be your way of starting minimalist lifestyle or can help you declutter another category of things. I’m currently applying it to my Boys’ clothes. Let’s start! How to minimize your kids’ wardrobes? 1 | Have all their clothes clean and dry. We need to have all kids’ laundry done because we…

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A Minimalist’s Wardrobe Challenge to Improve Your Style

I am very satisfied with my wardrobe in terms of minimalism. The set of clothes I own is not perfect but I don’t have many clothes, I rather use all the clothes I have and I don’t have the problem: I have.nothing to wear. But after years of being so satisfied with the state of my wardrobe, another issue came up….

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Minimalist Wardrobe – See My Current Set of Clothes

Minimalism gives me so much benefits and makes my every day decisions simpler. I want to spread the good message to inspire other people who could benefit from simplifying their lives. From my development and my search for a better lifestyle, I know, that what really makes us change are examples of other people’s lives. So today I’m sharing with…

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