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All about slow and happy minimalism or simple life :)

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top 3 articles | minimalism

All You Need: 14 Eco-Friendly Minimalist Toiletries

Life After Minimalism? 5 Thoughts After 5 Years of Being a Minimalist

What’s in my Bag? Minimalism in Practice

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best 3 books | minimalism

Soulful Simplicity | The Joy of Less | The More of Less

best courses

Dress with Less and Create Your Capsule Wardrobe | The Art of Less Doing

the whole list of minimalist books and courses

best services

FatLama – borrow or lend your stuff instead of buying/just storing or throwing away (US & UK)

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Minimalism with kids and why I can’t imagine it any other way

Many people tend to think about minimalism with kids as something unrealistic or unreasonable. Something weird or impossible to create and maintain. Let’s fastly look why it’s easy to think so. Firstly, we think that having much stuff is connected to having kids at home, or even that it’s necessary. Maybe it’s because the market of kids-everything is saturated? We…

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conscious life, Finances, Life Organization, Minimalism, Slow Life

7 new books to help you embrace simplicity in 2019

Less stress, less stuff, more free time, focus and peace of mind, smart work, in balance with the rest your life – life aligning with your values – if you’re looking for these things in your life, check the books about simple living presented below. Firsty, four new title by already bestselling authors writing about minimalism: Lightly by Francine Jay…

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Body, Minimalism, popular

All you need: 14 eco-friendly minimalist toiletries [2019 updated]

Every girl after becoming a woman is searching for her perfect care products set. Number one thing for us is looking for good care and hygiene of our bodies. But more and more women become interested in health and environmental issues. We read about minimalism and zero waste. We want to be able to pack light when we travel. Today…

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Deodorants That Don’t Contain Aluminum and Why It Matters
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Minimalism, popular

How much does a minimalist tidy up and clean home?

A minimalist or a person living a simple life does not have to tidy up or clean his or her home very often, spending much time on it. A minimalist tidies up… simply and quickly. If you’re curious how a minimalist tidies up and clean less then you, keep reading. Look. all tidying up and cleaning that minimalists do: If…

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Body, Capsule Wardrobe, Minimalism

The one sign that you’ve reached a perfect capsule wardrobe and how to get there

I’m happy that capsule wardrobes or minimalist wardrobes have gotten very trendy in the past few years. Even if someone tried it and failed, actually there is no fail. By just trying, just starting we already get more awareness that cannot be ungot. Today I’ll show you in which areas decluttering your wardrobe can bring you consciousness (simply: benefits of…

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Minimalism, Minimalism with Kids, Motherhood, popular

5 rules for decluttering toys by a minimalist mom

It’s more than seven years since I’m a minimalist. Today I have no problem parting with things. Most categories of items at my home are well decluttered, organized, put on their places and revised from time to time. And yes, I’ve written most categories. Because there are some that still aren’t solved how I would like them to be. One…

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Minimalism, Slow Life

Use minimalism to optimize your daily schedule

I’m sure that most of you associate minimalism with clean, tidy and a bit empty interiors or with decluttering. But be aware that minimalism is a fantastic and powerful tool that can be used not only to manage our physical possessions. You can benefit from using minimalism in such areas as work life, life goals, to do lists, daily schedules,…

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17 non-clutter gifts ideas for adults and kids (a list by a minimalist)

Before you buy traditional gifts such as random clothes, funny pajamas, accessories, decoration and other items, consider deciding this year for non-clutter gifts and letting people who you care about enjoy this small portion of benefits of a minimalist lifestyle. Table of contents ADULTS Self-development & education Quality/adventure time Starting a minimalist lifestyle Consumables Free/DIY gifts Bonus: for a minimalist friend…

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Becoming minimalist and practicing minimalism – a simple experiment to start

I’ve been writing about the minimalist lifestyle for a few years already, getting comments and messages from readers. Some people ask how to start the journey of becoming minimalist. Others ask, what and how to do when you are already on this path, to feel even better. In this article, I’ll try to answer those questions. Firstly, I’m sure you understand…

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Minimalism, Minimalism with Kids

How to declutter if you have a full-time job or are a parent?

Scanning through minimalists’ groups on Facebook, I often see the question: How to declutter my home if I have a 9 to 5 job? How to start the minimalist journey if I’m a full-time mom? Below is my simple answer and little guidance, how to declutter if you have a full-time job. Firstly, be aware that most people (not only you)…

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Capsule Wardrobe, Minimalism, popular

What’s in my bag? – minimalism in practice

After writing down my thoughts on the subject of minimalism, after bringing up some theory and rules, it’s time for more examples. What I’ve worked out by my about five-year experience with minimalism? Today’s subject is woman’s bag’s content. I’ll show you what’s in my bag on an average day and explain to you why I think I need these…

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Best Minimalist Blogs and Resources to Inspire Life Changes In 2019

Below I present the full list of simple living and minimalist blogs and resources such as books, courses, videos, podcasts etc. on the Internet. Many of them are websites to which I keep coming back for years. But it’s not my personal list. There are also places new to me, recommended by friends from minimalist FB groups (thank you for your…

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Minimalism, popular

What Do I Have in My Minimalist Kitchen? (with photos)

There are different conceptions of how a home of a minimalist looks like. Some people visualize almost empty rooms, a few pieces of furniture and just one item laid on every shelf. Other people say they have ten pyjamas for every member of their family and also call themselves minimalists. Other may visualize always tidy rooms, while even if you have…

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Gift Guides, Minimalism, Minimalism with Kids, popular

Famous Books on Simplicity That Will Change Your Lifestyle

Give a good, powerful life change to yourself or someone you care about. Simplicity and minimalism are good ideas to start the journey of self-development and self-discovery. Below I share famous books on simplicity by best-selling authors of various backgrounds and living different lifestyles, so everyone will find here something for them. If you’re not satisfied with your life and…

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Life Organization, Minimalism, Slow Life

The Art of Less Doing by Ari Meisel – the course’s review and results

I’ve put the phrase free your time in this blog’s tagline. It’s time to give you a significant bunch of information on this topic. Let’s talk about guidelines included in The Art Of Less Doing, Ari Meisel’s course and in which way they are really changing my life now. The Art of Less Doing Ari Meisel course Firstly, I have to say…

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