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All about slow and happy minimalism or simple life :)

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All You Need: 14 Eco-Friendly Minimalist Toiletries

Life After Minimalism? 5 Thoughts After 5 Years of Being a Minimalist

What’s in my Bag? Minimalism in Practice

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best 3 books | minimalism

Soulful Simplicity | The Joy of Less | The More of Less

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Dress with Less and Create Your Capsule Wardrobe | The Art of Less Doing

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FatLama – borrow or lend your stuff instead of buying/just storing or throwing away (US & UK)

Minimalism, Minimalism with Kids, Motherhood

One More Argument That We Value Experiences More Than Things

Imagine how many gifts kids that you know could get last Christmas. Think of your kids, kids of your extended family, friends or neighbors. Let say a kid got 17 gifts and many of them were expected and waited for, so…

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A Simple Year 2019 course - recommendation on the simple living, minimalist blog Slow and Happy
Capsule Wardrobe, conscious life, Finances, Minimalism, Minimalism with Kids

The LAST EDITION of A Simple Year courseFeatured

I never expected so much change to happen in less than a year. I’m happy to announce you another (and last!) edition of A Simple Year, a course in which the founder, Courtney Carver, gathers 14 other simple living experts…

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how to live simpler - simplify home chores
Life Organization, Minimalism, Slow Life

More Ideas How to Live Simpler – Slower, Healthier and More Eco-Friendly

Slow life, simple life, minimalism, healthy lifestyle, coming back to nature, environmental friendliness – they all lead step by step to a life in which you can be more free, healthy, less stressed, less harmful for the Earth and save…

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simple eco laundry - eco-friendly laundry tips and experiences on the Slow and Happy blog
Life Organization, Minimalism, Slow Life

Simple and Eco Laundry – Which Solution I Choose after Years of Experiments

Simplifying our lives, inviting fewer and fewer toxins to our homes and bodies, giving the rest to the Earth and as a byproduct, saving some money – let it be goals of this text, this blog and maybe our lives…

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simplifying thinking - sauna and simplifying life on Slow and Happy blog (2)
daily, Minimalism, Slow Life

Daily: Sauna and Simplifying Life

Imagine Mr. Jones. He works to be able to pay for a gym membership. He goes through an air-conditioned shopping mall to an elevator which takes him to the highest floor. There he has his sauna session. Hey, who needs…

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little kids back to school set of books
Minimalism, Minimalism with Kids, Motherhood

Back to School Season – Minimalist’s Guide and Reflections

Back to school is another consumerism feast in the year. After Christmas or Valentine’s Day presents and Easter home decorations, someone made us spend money on buying NEW things every year when the school year begins. How could a back…

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simple year 2018 course minimalism experts experiment (2)
Capsule Wardrobe, Minimalism, Slow Life, Travel

Simple Year 2018 – Get Minimalist Experts’ Guidance for the Whole Year! Simplify Your Life in 2018

Today I want to introduce to you a great project, A Simple Year 2018. Below are the most important information and my reasons why it’s totally worth its price: less than $21/month. Registration is still open and you have a lifetime…

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Minimalism, Travel

Lessons on Minimalism. From Travel

I’m writing this from a tiny, wooden house in the woods where we spend our family holidays. Yes, it’s not July or August. To enjoy my time with family and to enjoy trips, I need to avoid crowds, so we…

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minimalist woman bag essentials - Slow and Happy blog about creating a fulfilling life
Capsule Wardrobe, Minimalism

What’s in My Bag? – Minimalism in Practice

After writing down my thoughts on the subject of minimalism, after bringing up some theory and rules, it’s time for more examples. What I’ve worked out by my about five-year experience with minimalism? Today’s subject is woman’s bag’s content. What…

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mini art, Minimalism, Minimalism with Kids, Motherhood

Our Children’s Day with a Fantastic Experience Gift for Toddlers

As minimalists, I and my Husband avoid buying unnecessary things and we even limit gifts for our kids from the extended family. We know how many times after getting most toys our Boys play with it. Not many. There are…

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