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All about slow and happy finances :)

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A Simple Year 2019 course - recommendation on the simple living, minimalist blog Slow and Happy
Capsule Wardrobe, conscious life, Finances, Minimalism, Minimalism with Kids

The LAST EDITION of A Simple Year courseFeatured

Hey! It’s THE LAST DAY and the last chance to join this life-changing online course created by wise, experienced people. (It’s the last edition of the project). I never expected so much change to happen in less than a year….

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Buy nothing experiment - do you also want to feel so good - Slow and happy blog about minimalism, anti-consumerism and conscious life
Finances, Minimalism

Buy Nothing Experiment – Do You Also Want to Feel So Good?

In December last year I took on a buy nothing experiment. I started feeling tired and frustrated because of making even one-time purchases, for which I had decided as a minimalist. Those new things disappointed me, because they didn’t meet…

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buy without stress about price - How to Buy without Getting Stressed about the Price - slow and happy blog, simple life (2)

How to Buy without Getting Stressed about the Price?

Buy without stress about price? Sounds like a dream. If saving money is important for you, you’ve probably faced the problem with tons of questions in a shop, when you really need to buy something: Do I really need it?…

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I'm a Buyer Back. But Not Things Hoarder - Slow and Happy blog, minimalism, simple life, money saving
Finances, Minimalism

I’m a Buyer Back. But Not Things Hoarder

I’m a minimalist for years and it feels soooo good! I don’t want to get off this path which has brought me back so much space, time, energy and focus. I’ve done Buy Nothing experiment that was 100% success. You…

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Finances, Motherhood

Family Finances When a Woman Doesn’t Work

Let’s take a look at the financial situation of families where a woman decides to be a stay at home mum. Many families after having a child want that a woman still works. Only for money. People think she will…

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Freedom seekers: best lifestyles. Slow and Happy blog about slow changes for a good life
Finances, Travel

Freedom Seekers: Looking for the Perfect Lifestyle

Doesn’t everyone pursue happiness and best possible for him life? Isn’t freedom a big and beautiful value and right of everyone? I’m a big fan of freedom. I’m simplifying my life and changing my worldview and habits to get as…

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Minimalist’s view on borrowing - Slow and Happy blog about minimalism, slow life, conscious life, anti-consumerism
Finances, Minimalism

On Borrowing – Minimalist’s View

As a minimalist, I look consciously at more and more things in my life. Today I present you my thoughts on borrowing. Borrowing things that you use only rarely gives you the chance to less be a slave of money,…

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How to give support Pay people not brands! - Slow and Happy blog about conscious life and anti-consumerism

How to Give Support? Pay People Not Brands!

Do you have nice t-shirts, a good smart phone and other things that you’ve purchased and you are content with or – worse – proud of? Probably yes. You’ve paid to big corporations, brands and often unethical producers. You’ve supported…

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Making Income Through a Blog - basics, mindset, different sources
Blogging, Finances

Making Money Blogging – Do You Think It’s Not Possible?

Making money blogging and generally making money on the internet are hot topics for years. One extreme is people hoping to earn millions, doing nothing, in two days. The other extreme is businesses based on pulling money from the former…

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Slow and Happy: How to make family finances make your dreams come true - Slow and Happy blog about conscious life, minimalism, saving and ecology
Finances, Minimalism

How to Make Family Finances Make Your Dreams Come True?

I wonder how many people track family finances. I suspect that a small percentage. And it is worth to do it. I thought that being a minimalist I spend little money. I thought I buy only basic things (food, bills)…

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