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All about slow and happy minimalism or simple life :)

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top 3 articles | minimalism

All You Need: 14 Eco-Friendly Minimalist Toiletries

Life After Minimalism? 5 Thoughts After 5 Years of Being a Minimalist

What’s in my Bag? Minimalism in Practice

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best 3 books | minimalism

Soulful Simplicity | The Joy of Less | The More of Less

best courses

Dress with Less and Create Your Capsule Wardrobe | The Art of Less Doing

the whole list of minimalist books and courses

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FatLama – borrow or lend your stuff instead of buying/just storing or throwing away (US & UK)

minimalist toiletries, minimalist cosmetics - simple and natural - Slow and Happy blog about creating a fulfilling feminine life
Body, Minimalism

All You Need: 14 Eco-Friendly Minimalist Toiletries [2018 Updated]

Every girl after becoming a woman is searching for her perfect care products set. Number one thing for us is looking for a good care and hygiene of our bodies. But more and more woman become interested in health and…

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Becoming Minimalist and Practicing Minimalism - a Simple Experiment to Start

Becoming Minimalist and Practicing Minimalism – a Simple Experiment to Start

I’ve been writing about the minimalist lifestyle for a few years already, getting comments and messages from readers. Some people ask how to start the journey of becoming minimalist. Others ask, what and how to do when you are already on…

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List of Best Minimalist Blogs and Resources to Inspire Life Changes In 2018
Gift Guides, Minimalism

Best Minimalist Blogs and Resources to Inspire Life Changes In 2018

Below I present the full list of simple living and minimalist blogs and resources such as books, courses, videos, podcasts etc. on the Internet. Many of them are websites to which I keep coming back for years. But it’s not my…

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What Does a Minimalist Buy March's Report - slow and happy blog about simple lifestyle, minimalism and motherhood (2)

What Does a Minimalist Buy? March’s Report

March was a good month when we did only necessary purchases. Below I present our family (of four) expenses except for bills, food, toilet paper, diapers, menstrual pads and my Husband’s personal items. If you want to know more about…

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walking in nature
Capsule Wardrobe, mini art, Motherhood, Slow Life, Travel

mini art: Walks in Nature aka Forest Bathing with Kids

This series of mini arts was meant to catch and save my thoughts from the week that is ending. But last week things happened that kept me busy with what’s going on outside the home or inside our bodies, so…

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wash less in hands, wash all colors together - Experiments You Can Do to Simplify Your Life (4)

Experiments You Can Do to Simplify Your Life

Simplifying life requires experimenting with our lifestyle. With the big things, big ideas but also with trivial, everyday tasks. If our goal on the simple living path is regaining resources: time, energy, attention, space and money, the way to develop…

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I’ve Bought 5 Dresses and I Still Consider Myself a Minimalist

As I’ve written in my February shopping report and informed you on Instagram, last month I’ve bought five dresses. On one day, in one shop. Here is how I see them in my minimalist wardrobe. Why I’ve bought five dresses…

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Capsule Wardrobe, mini art, Slow Life

mini art: Seasons Changes and Seriously Slowing Down

A week ago we had first really warm days here. I’ve pulled spring outdoor clothes out of our wardrobe. And on Friday winter came back, bringing, in my opinion, more snow than in any moment during this winter. The world,…

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Minimalism, Minimalism with Kids

What Does a Minimalist Buy? February’s Report

It’s the second report of the What Does a Minimalist Buy? series. To know why I publish my expenses, go to the January’s report. Below I share my family purchases from February, not including bills, food, toilet paper, diapers, menstrual pads and…

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Gift-Giving Rules for Our Family and Friends to Limit Kids' Stuff - minimalist mom's tips for simple life with kids (1)
Minimalism, Minimalism with Kids, Motherhood

Gift-Giving Rules for Our Family and Friends to Limit Kids’ Stuff

Being a minimalist of years, I am well aware of all problems connected with unnecessary stuff and I try not only to manage the things we have but also control the inflow of new items. This means changing buying habits that for me involved tracking spendings, experimenting…

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