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All about slow and happy minimalism or simple life :)

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All You Need: 14 Eco-Friendly Minimalist Toiletries

Life After Minimalism? 5 Thoughts After 5 Years of Being a Minimalist

What’s in my Bag? Minimalism in Practice

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best 3 books | minimalism

Soulful Simplicity | The Joy of Less | The More of Less

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Dress with Less and Create Your Capsule Wardrobe | The Art of Less Doing

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FatLama – borrow or lend your stuff instead of buying/just storing or throwing away (US & UK)

Slow and Happy: How to make family finances make your dreams come true - Slow and Happy blog about conscious life, minimalism, saving and ecology
Finances, Minimalism

How to Make Family Finances Make Your Dreams Come True?

I wonder how many people track family finances. I suspect that a small percentage. And it is worth to do it. I thought that being a minimalist I spend little money. I thought I buy only basic things (food, bills)…

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Information diet is the best anti-consumerism experiment we all need - Slow and Happy blog about minimalism, slow life and simple life
Minimalism, Slow Life

Information Diet – the Best Anti-Consumerism Experiment

I decided to reduce internet and other information and opinion sources (even books!) for a month. To search more inside myself. My information diet is a great anti-consumerism experiment. Read more and get to know why. This post contains affiliate…

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Slow and Happy: You can live happy despite lack of money - Slow and Happy blog about conscious life
Finances, Slow Life

You Can Live Happy Despite Lack of Money

Do you know this type of people who earn little, so they do not take their responsibility? They will not eat healthier, because they can not afford. They will not be throwing garbage where it should be, because they can…

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Eco care and giving up organic cosmetics on Slow and Happy blog about minimalism, slow life, health, ecology and conscious life
Body, Minimalism

Eco Care and Why You Should Say Goodbye to Organic Cosmetics

Organic cosmetics are cool, if you are selling them. They are on the list of current trends. It is fashionable to look for SLS-free, minimalistic and organic cosmetics made by small local or the opposite: very exotic companies operating on…

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slow and happy blog about a good life: minimalism list of things for woman and family
Minimalism, Motherhood

All things needed by mom and child in the Europe spring

As a minimalist I am glad of every opportunity, which helps me to assess the suitability of items owned. A good test for this, which things I actually use and need every day, is moving out for several weeks. I…

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A little guide to slow blogging book ebook
Blogging, Minimalism, Slow Life

Slow Blogging: The Golden Mean in Running a Blog

Today the internet is full of advice on blogging. You should do research, take photos, write, search for best keywords, photoshop the photos, create a call to action, let people know on social media, observe the audience behavior, improve user…

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My Ecology

I want to be environment friendly. For my child, for my air, water, soil, food, for beautiful plants and animals. And on this way I don’t ask how to produce an ecological coffee maker which wouldn’t need electric energy and…

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