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Minimalism in the Kid’s Closet

17 Non-Clutter Gifts Ideas for Kids and Adults

5 Rules for Decluttering Toys by a Minimalist Mom

Back to School Season – Minimalist’s Guide and Reflections

A Step by Step Guide to Minimizing Your Kids’ Clothes and Making Kids Look the Best Every Day

22-Item Toddler Capsule Wardrobe

How to Simplify Life with a Baby. By Mom of Two Boys

Mother, Don’t Be a Superwoman!

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The Idle Parent by Tom Hodgkinson

Slow Family Living by Bernadette Noll

Clutterfree with Kids by Joshua Becker

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Surprise Ride. Fun + offline learning with monthly adventure boxes

Little Passports. Discovering and learning the world with monthly packages suitable for the kid’s certain age.

Box of Challenge. Ideas for one hour of family quality time right in your mailbox.

Wallbarz Indoor Playgrounds. Fun + body development equipment by an experienced + reliable company.

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Breastfeeding is wonderful

Hugging, being together, knowing that you are giving something essential, everything essential… Even if I would have bad-looking tits for the rest of my life after using them to feed only one child, I wouldn’t regret. Currently breastfeeding Younger. Originally…

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Mother, Don’t Be a Superwoman!

I believe that you have not lost yourself in the grayness of everyday life. That you haven’t even believed in it! Surely you have dreams, plans. You know your needs. You know how your perfect day would look. You know…

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What 2-Year Olds Play With?

Gift ideas and more. If anyone feels angry that a minimalist, caring about environment and encouraging to boycott big brands and big stores, is writing about toys, many of them plastic, such a person can just click X i the…

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