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Life Organization

All about the life organization for a slow and happy life :)

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valuable life organization resources

The Art of Less Doing course

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

simplified planners

how to live simpler - simplify home chores
Life Organization, Minimalism, Slow Life

More Ideas How to Live Simpler – Slower, Healthier and More Eco-Friendly

Slow life, simple life, minimalism, healthy lifestyle, coming back to nature, environmental friendliness – they all lead step by step to a life in which you can be more free, healthy, less stressed, less harmful for the Earth and save…

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simple eco laundry - eco-friendly laundry tips and experiences on the Slow and Happy blog
Life Organization, Minimalism, Slow Life

Simple and Eco Laundry – Which Solution I Choose after Years of Experiments

Simplifying our lives, inviting fewer and fewer toxins to our homes and bodies, giving the rest to the Earth and as a byproduct, saving some money – let it be goals of this text, this blog and maybe our lives…

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18 Lessons from the Last Year. My Birthday Blog Article - slow and happy blog of a conscious and simple living mompreneur (1)
Blogging, Life Organization, Slow Life

18 Lessons from the Last Year. My Birthday Blog Article

Today’s my birthday! Inspired by Jennifer’s article, 35 Things I’ve Learned in 35 Years, I’ve started collecting lessons which I have learned during last 12 months. And it was a year of big changes in me. It was a year of rewriting my…

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weekly wahm/sahm schedule: body care, home and kids duties
Body, Life Organization

Weekly Schedule of a Working at Home Mom: Body Care and Home Duties

To be honest, I almost never developed any habits for my personal life. Or I created one but couldn’t stick to it for a reasonable period of time, after which I’d built a habit and see its benefits. I acted spontaneously….

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the art of less doing ari meisel course review (3)
Life Organization, Minimalism, Slow Life

The Art of Less Doing by Ari Meisel – Course Review and RESULTS

I’ve put the phrase free your time in this blog’s tagline. It’s time to give you a significant bunch of information on this topic. Let’s talk about guidelines included in The Art Of Less Doing, Ari Meisel’s course and in which…

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Blogging, Life Organization, Minimalism, Slow Life

Cut Down Your Work-Time and Power-Up Your Effectiveness

In school, we were given homework for next week. How many of you have devoted seven days to do it? Or at least seven evenings? And how many of you did your homework the evening before and then got an…

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Being productive: Man's aim is not to be productive but to live a slow, happy and not stressful life. I do not want to be productive but to enjoy life not to do tasks and croos them out of various to-do-lists.
Life Organization

Being Productive Isn’t So Amazing!

All the ideologies, from popular media to minimalists, accepted the assumption that what we want and need, or at least we should desire, is greater productivity. Being productive means to end projects quicker and then move to the next. Climb…

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