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Slow Life

All about happy and slow life :)

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Slow Love: Apply If Relationship Is Your Priority

Slow Life Means Respect. Slow Living Reasons and Basics

The Art of Less Doing by Ari Meisel – Course Review and Results

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Essentialism | How to Be Idle | Chasing Slow

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The Art of Less Doing

Capsule Wardrobe, mini art, Slow Life

mini art: Seasons Changes and Seriously Slowing Down

A week ago we had first really warm days here. I’ve pulled spring outdoor clothes out of our wardrobe. And on Friday winter came back, bringing, in my opinion, more snow than in any moment during this winter. The world,…

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mini art, Slow Life

mini art: Private Updates, Blogging and Why I’m Slowing Down

Some of you noticed that I don’t publish for about two weeks. This pause may last longer and here is why. Firstly, I’m still figuring out how I want my blog to be. After publishing for a longer time once…

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How to Change Your Diet for Good The Slow Change Approach - blog article
Body, Slow Life

How to Change Your Diet for Good? The Slow Change Approach

If you already keep your dream diet every day, you are in the minority (speaking only of those who do reflect on what they eat). For most of us, even if we have a clearly defined purpose, it is a…

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More Hours of Sleep or Getting Things Done - slow living blog - slow and happy (3)
Body, Slow Life

More Hours of Sleep or Getting Things Done?

Too often today’s culture values people who accomplish tasks, one after another, after another. Our worth depends on tasks that we’ve done, goals we’ve achieved, courses we’ve completed, titles we’ve gained. Plus a beautiful apartment and a trendy look. We’re…

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Don't Motivate Yourself - What's Wrong with Motivation
Slow Life

Don’t Motivate Yourself – What’s Wrong with Motivation?

Motivation is in main trends for at least seven decades. But this fact doesn’t have to mean that we should see motivation as needed and positive, nor that we should try to implement it many situations in our lives. Let…

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simple and slow living plans for the new year - a simple year 2018 (3)
Blogging, Body, Minimalism, Slow Life

Simple and Slow Living Plans for the New Year 2018. Will You Join?

Today I’ll share with you how I want to grow in three areas connected with the Slow and Happy blog subjects. They are minimalism, health + ecology, and slow living. There is nothing radical or extremely difficult in my plans for…

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18 Lessons from the Last Year. My Birthday Blog Article - slow and happy blog of a conscious and simple living mompreneur (1)
Blogging, Life Organization, Slow Life

18 Lessons from the Last Year. My Birthday Blog Article

Today’s my birthday! Inspired by Jennifer’s article, 35 Things I’ve Learned in 35 Years, I’ve started collecting lessons which I have learned during last 12 months. And it was a year of big changes in me. It was a year of rewriting my…

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Use Minimalism to Optimize Your Daily Schedule
Minimalism, Slow Life

How You Can Use Minimalism to Optimize Your Daily Schedule

I’m sure that most of you associate minimalism with clean, tidy and a bit empty interiors or with decluttering. But be aware that minimalism is a fantastic and powerful tool that can be used not only to manage our physical…

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How to slow down in November
Slow Life

Why Is It Worth to Slow Down in November and How to Use This Month?

This year I have a nice plan and big expectations for November. Where I live it’s the least nice month of all. There are already no colorful leaves on the trees, it’s wet, rainy, foggy. It’s already cold but not…

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weekly wahm/sahm schedule: body care, home and kids duties
Body, Life Organization

Weekly Schedule of a Working at Home Mom: Body Care and Home Duties

To be honest, I almost never developed any habits for my personal life. Or I created one but couldn’t stick to it for a reasonable period of time, after which I’d built a habit and see its benefits. I acted spontaneously….

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