Real Life Lessons: Chemicals in Our Food

We all are aware today that most of what we eat include many artificial chemicals, even added to the plants and animals during their growth.

Once I’ve heard such a story:

A farmer had a building where he stored food for his animals. He had a legal production in Europe, so the food means some certified and government imposed products bought in big plastic bags. The farmer stored also some other things or materials there.

One day mice came and inhabited the building. Of course, the farmer was angry. After a few days, it occurred that the mice ate everything: crops and even trash but they hadn’t even touched the food for animals.

Just a few days ago I witnessed a similar situation.

We left for family holidays and moved to a tiny house in the woods (five minutes from an empty beach 🙂 ). We left food that we’ve taken from the home on the countertops, including cherries from our garden that were never treated with chemicals (I’ve written about it already in the description of Our Children’s Day with a Fantastic Experience Gift for Toddlers. Then we did grocery shopping and added the food on the countertop. And we went to the beach.

After we came back I’ve noticed that the bag with our pure, natural cherries is… moving. Dozens of ants in there. And only there. They weren’t interested at all in other food, apples, bananas, cucumbers or tomatoes from the store.

Oops. How bad and inedible is what we eat every day?