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Co-Sleeping with Kids in Practice: Benefits

Having a baby can be exhausting, as it’s a seven-day week work, including night shifts. Having a baby at home brings new challenges. One of them is: how to sleep, giving the child intimacy, touch and milk that he or she needs and how to not die of tiredness at the same time? How to not only give yourself but take care of yourself, dear mothers? Let’s look at the advantages of co-sleeping.

Today we’re aware of benefits of sleeping with a child for the child’s growth, psychological well-being, security feeling and child-parent relation.

I want to show you that co-sleeping is simple, pleasant (as much as a life with a newborn can be pleasant) and beneficial also for parents.

Co-sleeping – our story

We had and have periods of co-sleeping with our boys when they were and are newborns and infants. I will describe you the subject of co-sleeping with kids from my practice.

After our Younger Son was born, having already experiences with the Older, we’ve bought a 2×2 meters mattress for our four to sleep. Why?

Co-Sleeping with Kids in Practice - slow and happy blog

Why to co-sleep with children?

1. Breastfeeding at night.

Mother of a newborn and up to two-year old can be instantly fed up because of her daily duties concerning the child. And it’s seven days a week. Without paid holidays. Moreover, her sleep is interrupted a few times every night.

In such circumstances, taking the crying baby to mother’s bed and falling asleep again is just wise.

2. Safety and comfort.

But three people sleeping in a bed for two people – it’s not comfortable in the long term. And when the baby learns to crawl, the height of the usual bed becomes a danger.

Let you all sleep on a very big mattress, which is put directly on the floor.

3. Parent’s relationship.

It’s better for your relationship when you sleep together, especially when during the day you don’t have as much time together as you’d wish. It’s better to sleep together, even when it’s also with children, than a situation where mother gets out of parent’s bed when the child needs breastfeeding and sleeps with a child till the morning and the man sleeps alone, comfortably in a big bed.

4. Family power.

There are different kinds of love. There is a woman-man love, involving support, conversation and sex. It’s adult and beautiful. But there is also a big love in family. When you lay in a warm bed, having one child on one side and another child on the second side, sleeping so sweet, being so beautiful, calm and hundred percent trusting you. And your husband near.

And what is next?

Some people may worry: what to do when a child gets used to sleeping with parents, but we want to end it? I’ll tell you from my experience: it doesn’t have to be a big problem. Be kind to your child, observe her or his needs and feelings.

When the Older was our only child, we’ve started to sleep without him, when he needed breastfeeding once or twice during night. When he started crying, I went to his bed. Sometimes I went back to my Husband, sometimes I felt asleep with my boy till morning.

Later there was a time to end breastfeeding. Later night came when he didn’t call me to hug him. Sometimes he came to us in the early morning. We’ve started to be free.

But still there were times when I wanted to feel the family-power or just lay looking at my boy sleeping. So I went to him.

It’s a process. It needs time but leads in a good direction.

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