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Since two years I always have a jar of coconut oil at home. It’s healthy (antibacterial) in the kitchen and can replace many cosmetics. There are plenty of articles about coconut oil and its uses – listing more than a hundred of them. But probably the day is too short to make use of every healthy idea. Read how I use coconut oil in practice.

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Coconut oil and its uses among toiletries

Coconut oil as toothpaste

I’m brushing teeth with coconut oil only for more than a year. I feel great with it. Firstly, it’s 100% natural. I don’t put any chemicals into my mouth. Secondly, coconut oil is the only ingredient so it’s simple. Thirdly, the health of my teeth is the same or better, comparing with using shop toothpaste. What is more, my teeth are now whiter (I can compare them with fillings made a few years ago).

I’ve wtiiten more about my experiences, causes and opinion in the artice:


Coconut oil for baby’s skin in diaper area

When my Son’s skin starts to be red or sometimes just for skin protection, I use coconut oil. I don’t want to put any chemicals (even those nicely called cosmetics) on my baby’s skin.

Did you know that Johnson’s&Johnson’s cosmetics caused death and it’s proven in a court?

Coconut oil as body cream/balm/lotion

If I want to take care of my skin, I apply coconut oil on it.

Coconut oil as sunscreen

It has a low SPF. So in the summer when I’m going on an avarage walk, being mostly in shadow, coconut oil is enough for me and Sons.


Coconut oil as an ingredient of the most healthy and eco-friendly deodorant

For years I had problem with intensive sweating. Deodorants and anti-prespirants from shops or chemist’s couldn’t help me.

They didn’t work and they were harming my body (chemicals again, cancer risk again, aluminium, breasts are near, think).

Now I mix coconut oil with baking soda* (1:1) and put in the morning on my clean skin. It works better for me than shop deodorants.

Coconut oil and its uses in the kitchen

Coconut oil as the only fat I fry on

Being interested in healthy eating, I know that today’s research say that only coconut oil and lard* are good for frying. Of course it’s recommended not to fry.

Coconut oil as healthy addition to meals

I don’t like the taste of unrefined coconut oil. Many people say they love this taste. For me eating one spoon of the oil is unpleasant.

But I’ve learned to mix it with beverages or food. For example I drink cocoa with coconut oil (it’s my idea for a beverage to replace coffee). And was is absolutely tasty is coconut oil applied on cheesecake.

Coconut Oil and Its Uses: Slow and Happy blog - conscious and simple life

Important: buying coconut oil, choose cold-pressed and unrefined one!

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