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Let sad people believe in myths.

My first Son barely slept as a newborn and in next months. My dear aunts and other people kept suggesting me: Ula, stop drinking coffee. He gets caffeine with your milk. How could he sleep?

Were those sentences their conclusions or just a repeated myth?

I tried, I made experiments. I lived for weeks without coffee. But giving up the almost only simple pleasure during your day is never a good solution. And of course it haven’t changed my Son into a sleeper.

Now when he’s 2,5-year old, I see clearly that the influence of caffeine from mum’s milk on baby’s sleeping time is a big myth.

I have two evidences:

1. I don’t breastfeed my older Son for a year now and he still don’t like to sleep. His energy is endless. Is it the caffeine from my milk working for a year?

2. Now I drink lot of coffee and breastfeed my younger Son. He has no problems with falling asleep. He’s sleeping often and very well! And it’s while I’m full of caffeine.

My conclusion: Coffee and breastfeeding? Why not?!

Not every statement that is well established is truth

If you see any myth, any truth that society believes in, without questioning – question it. If you don’t think some accepted truth is truth, don’t be afraid to question it.

Take it in your hands, practice, experiment.

Every. Single. Truth. It doesn’t have to be your truth. Maybe it’s even no longer truth for anyone.

And you can be the first who discover it and become free. Light.

So drink coffee during breastfeeding if you feel ok with it.

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