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The theories of feminine and masculine energy, including the ancient Far Eastern knowledge of yin and yang, explain to us how to act in different areas of life as human beings, searching for peace, happiness, love, and fulfillment. These teachings can show us how men, women and their relationship function and how to create a very good relationship with your significant other.

The theory

Let’s start by explaining the basic things. There is the feminine energy (yin) and the masculine energy (yang), and they differ. Some teachers say that these energies are opposite, some say that they are just different (without going into dualism which is just a construct comfortable and easy for our heads).

Men and women have both energies, but a feminine woman has more feminine energy and a masculine man has more masculine energy. Some people like to say that the good ratio between the energies is 7 : 3 or 8 : 2.

From my experience, I’d say that it’s important that we discover and learn and practice both energies, then live in our energy (women in feminine, men in masculine) and use the other energy which we’ve mastered when we need it. For example, women can need masculine energy during negotiations or other business-related fights.

So the feminine and masculine energies need to be in harmony, both discovered, both ready to use. None of them is hated, neglected, forgotten, unwanted or relegated.

The practice

I’ll start with a description of an unhealthy situation coming from the disharmony or relegating of one energy. Then, I’ll write about creating relationships which we want, using the yin and yang approach.

So the Far Eastern wisdom says that if one feature has been relegated for a longer time, when it starts freeing itself, it has the tendency to transform into its opposition.

Isn’t it the description of what happened to women in the history? In the past, they were in harmony with men. Then, something bad happened. Women’s wisdom started to be called sin and destroyed. Women started to be detached, weak and dependent on men.

And in the 20th century, there appeared circumstances for women to free themselves from being weaker and worth less than men.

But have they really become free women, free feminine women or have they become human beings in women’s bodies with a full range of men’s qualities?

I’ve listed feminine and masculine traits in my previous texts: Feminine Traits for BeginnersInner Femininity, The Magic of Surrender). Pants, fight, competition, pushing, being in stress, typical work schedule, neglecting Home, Family and Body aren’t feminine.

Sacrificing ourselves and serving others so much that we forget about ourselves isn’t feminine.

Pushing and fighting on a corporate ladder, running marathons and trying to prove in all areas of life that we’re not worse or weaker than men isn’t feminine too.

Creating and nurturing a happy woman-man relationship

To have a relationship of your dreams, it’s good when a woman stays in her feminine energy and the man in his masculine energy.

If you’re single, work on your feminine energy to attract a masculine man who’ll be a really good match for you.

If you’re in a relationship, no matter happy or unsatisfying, work on your feminine energy. According to the yin and yang theory and stories of many women, you can expect two outcomes:

1. When you become more feminine, your man becomes more masculine. Believe me, there will soon come situations from him giving you what you need without being asked for it. He can start giving you also what you need but what you don’t know you need. You both can flourish and support yourself (even without doing anything consciously) instead of competing, complaining and arguing.

2. When you become more feminine, your man can not understand and stand it. Your relationship ends, giving in your life the space for nurturing alone time and for a masculine man.

Some hints on how to act in your relationship to strengthen your feminity and your spouses’ masculinity:

– discover and practice your feminine traits (see the texts: Feminine Traits for BeginnersInner FemininityThe Magic of Surrender)

– see his positive traits, be grateful and tell it to him!, praise him

– choose and use words consciously, for example, instead of complaining about what is not done, thank for what is done

– choose and use thoughts consciously

– stop complaining about him (to him and to other people)

– stop complaining about anything, because in this way you’re asking the Universe/God/Godness/Life to create some more of it for you

– discover his love language and start showing him love in his language so that he can understand that you’re expressing your love to him (I recommend you read The 5 Love Languages or listen to it on Audible, free with their 30-day free trial)

– don’t compete with him, instead, you can ask for help (and men feel very good asked for help!).

If you’re single, practice it on other men: brothers and coworkers to discover and raise your feminine energy.

And I’m telling you from my just a- few- week experience: it works.

How to Create the Relationship of Your Dreams with the Feminine Energy - Slow and Happy blog about creating a fulfilling women's life How to Create the Relationship of Your Dreams with the Feminine Energy - Slow and Happy blog about creating a fulfilling women's life How to Create the Relationship of Your Dreams with the Feminine Energy - Slow and Happy blog about creating a fulfilling feminine life How to Create the Relationship of Your Dreams with the Feminine Energy - Slow and Happy blog about creating a fulfilling feminine life

Use your feminine energy, develop feminine traits to attract a masculine man or to change your spouse into more masculine man :)

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