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How did I cure my baby’s oral thrush (aphtha) naturally and much more effective than our doctor?

A long time ago, in ancient times (some four years ago, maybe more), when I was still sometimes with our Older Son at a doctor, it happened that I noticed in his mouth white spots/growths.

Because it was the time of some vaccinations (later I gave up the vaccination), I had the opportunity to ask the pediatrician what the white spots are and how to cure them.

Do you think that with the help of a doctor I successfully cured the baby Boy’s oral thrush?

Apparently, thrush or aphtha is not a disease, just a “hygienic issue”, as the nurse put it. It’s not the result of weakened immunity, it’s just the same matter as when one of you hair sticks out in the wrong direction after you wake up. The changes in the mouth are ugly, but not serious. (That’s nurse’s opinion, mine is the opposite).

She gave a drug to be used for up to a week or ten days.

– It will certainly heal.

The changes in the mouth have not disappeared even after using this drug three times longer than the nurse recommended.

And the Son was still sick.

So I opened the Internet. I learned that the medicine prescribed to us contains a poisonous boron compound and that it is terrible, has serious side effects. Well, it has already happened, he took it for a few weeks. What should I do next?

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And how did I finally cured my baby’s oral thrush?

The simplest way that I learned from the Internet (thank you, People, who share your stories, successes, and step by step methods!) was to lubricate the inside of your mouth with sage. Easy, natural, and, in addition, sage is usually at our home.

  • So you make sage tea. (Even such processed, shop, in glued tea bag works a thousand times better than the medicine which was prescribed for us).
  • Soak a swab in it, put it on your finger and clean the inside of the baby’s mouth. You change the swab to a new one, to use clean ones in the next areas, to not spread germs all over the mouth.
  • How many times should you do it a day? I would say as much as you can. I think a minimum of three times a day.
  • And if the baby also wants to drink a little sage, that’s great. It is told to detoxify the body nicely. (Only who will tell me, what does it mean to detoxify the body?)

Our Son’s thrush was gone in two days. Effectively. Very effectively, because for the next four years, our Son never had this oral aphtha or thrush again.

So I greet pediatricians and pharmacists, and pharmacy owners, and the entire drug industry. But I don’t go to you for help in such cases anymore.

And now seriously and from the depth of my heart:

strong hugs for all who share valuable and helpful knowledge.

Strong hugs for all who share natural, EFFECTIVE methods of treatment,

who continue, or rather renew, the tradition of using, for example, herbs and essential oils.

Let’s cultivate and adore Nature and Simplicity!

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