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I’ve started to collect links to articles that really touch me by bringing a fresh view on different subjects.

I save them here for you to have a valuable texts to spend time with and to hopefully put your lives on better directions.

I save them for myself to have something good to read in the moments when I don’t know what to read.

I save them also for myself as an evidence of my journey: to check what my interests were and how my life was changing.

What touched me in December?

‘Tis the Season to Share Your Story by Joshua Becker (

December. Family gatherings, meetings with friends… It can be a good time to share your story of your lifestyle changes.

If you’ve made a good change in your life, don’t keep it for yourself. Spread good news, spread the tips, knowledge and techniques. Tell your story. Don’t push other people to follow your path. But keep on spreading seeds.

The White Envelope by Joshua Becker (

I wish we all will learn to give such gifts.

Amazon is the spirit of Scrooge made corporate on The Idler by my favourite Tom Hodgkinson.

I was happy to find this article in December – the time of my big stores boycott!

How many poor Bob Cratchits are there in that Fife hellhole, picking and packing useless consumer items, walking up and down the aisles, slaving for hours […].

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