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Define Values. And You’re on the Way to Happiness!

Want to make good choices, leading you to happiness? I’ll show you that the best start is to define values. What’s next and how does it work? Read.

How to choose? What to do? Should I agree to do something?

It’s decision making. On usual, normal, even boring days. But also big potentially life changing choices.

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Decision making sounds terrible. Big responsibility for your future. And no guidelines.

I want to describe you the way that makes you self-confident doing every step, every move.

It’s all about values…

Define values.


First step: know your values.

Sit and thinks what’s most important to you at the moment. Define values significant for you in this moment of life. Family? God? Money? Development? Your spirit? Diet? Independence? Child? Other relationships? Your home?

For a few days give yourself time in silence, without distractions to think about it. Honestly and deeply.

Then write it down. Number one for you is…, number two… The list of values of today’s you.

Second step: Remember about your values list while making decisions.

Act in accordance with your values. When you ask yourself what should you choose to do, how to spend time etc., recall your list. Identify with which values are your options connected. And then choose what is connected with value that is higher on you list.

It’s all about values:

Will I end my work earlier or wash dishes that are waiting since yesterday? – I define values and check what is higher on my list: work or home?

Will I get more sleep for health and better productivity tomorrow or watch this movie to have some time for myself and for amusement? – I define values and check what is higher on my list: body health or regeneration by pleasures? Or sleep?

Will I spend much time on preparing healthy food while listening to my children wanting something from me all the time or will we eat something fast and have time for ourselves? – health or calmness and relations?

The list + asking questions and choosing actions connected with the value that is more important for you.

Implement this method and check, if using it, you’re happier with your life.

Of course, the process of defining your values has its place in the Go Minimalist workbook, which I created to help you turn minimalist inspirations into real life change. Check it out here.

Setting Priorities, defining your values printable - minimalist lifestyle