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Deodorants That Don’t Contain Aluminum and Why It Matters

Are you interested in conscious and healthy life? If yes, you probably know that average deodorants and antiperspirants from an average shop are harmful to our bodies. There are natural or even home-made alternatives for deodorants that don’t contain aluminum and other suspicious chemicals. In this article, I’ll talk about dangers, solutions and I’ll share with you what I use for my underarms’ skin.

Firstly, let’s remind, why most deodorants and antiperspirants involve risk for our health:

Aluminum – it’s said to be connected to Alzheimer’s disease and breasts cancer. Aluminum overburdens kidneys and it is such a well-proven fact that aluminium-based antiperspirants require an information for customer to consult its use with a doctor if one has problems with kidneys.

Artificial fragrancesPerfume or fragrance on a label means… Guess. You can’t. We don’t really know what perfume is! A set of undefined chemicals put on our skin daily. Two times at least.

Alcohol – is responsible for damage to skin’s lipid barrier which protects the skin from external factors and prevents water loss.

Solvents and preservatives – what means: toxic chemicals.

And all these suspected ingredients are put on underarms – the area of skin that is very delicate and thin, and, what is more, burdened by shaving.

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Deodorants That Don't Contain Aluminum and Why It Matters - slow and happy blog about simple life

More natural deodorants: how to avoid both health risk and bad smell

What I use – my 100% natural deodorant

You can look for more natural alternatives in different stores. And because I’m a fan of nature and simplicity, I just mix coconut oil and baking soda (1:1) and it’s my deodorant for about a year. I’m very satisfied with how it works, especially taking into account that earlier I suffered from excessive perspiration. Now my underarms don’t get wet nor smelly and I’m sure that I don’t put dangerous chemicals on my skin and into my whole body.

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And if you aren’t fan of home-made cosmetics but are looking for something more gentle for your body than average deodorant?

Factory-made deodorants that don’t contain aluminum

Recently the team of contacted me to show me results of their big test of natural deodorants.

From this research, I learned that many produced deodorants that are labeled organic or natural have coconut oil and baking soda – which make my deodorant – on the list of their ingredients!

But apart from this nice surprise and confirmation about coconut oil and baking soda, the big test’s results contain a big load of knowledge on deodorants, antiperspirants, their ingredients, and effects.

The team tested 23 aluminium-free deodorants which they chose after talks with a chemist, a dermatologist and natural deodorant producers.

My choice

agent nateur healthiest natural organic deodorant

If you prefer a ready-made product and look for good, natural ingredients, check this deodorant. Its ingredients list is very good:

organic coconut oil, beeswax, baking soda, avocado butter, sunflower butter, castor oil, organic honey, organic lavender, organic eucalyptus globulus and citric acid.

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Where to shop for healthy products: Blissoma Holistic Healthcare | Healthiest | 21 bundles | Amazon

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