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Today I want to talk with you about disposable items price. Tissues, cotton swabs, cotton wool pads, disposable razors, sanitary towels, floss, wet wipes, diapers, paper towels, even toilet paper.

Disposable items price – you pay with:

1. Inconvenience

You have to notice when it’s going to end and remember to buy a new one.

You have to shop for it.

You have to bring it home, unpack it, put into its place and throw the packaging to your bin.

You have to take out your trash.

You have to throw the used item to your bin and then take out your trash more often.

You have to throw to your bin the rest of the packaging when the items are over.

You have to notice when it’s going to end…

And repeat the whole process. And repeat. And repeat…

Doing so you lose your time, your attention and your money. Regularly. Again and again, and again.

2. Dependence

You depend on your employer or clients, because you need money to regularly buy disposable items.

You depend on producers, transportation of the items (so also on the fuel market) and shops.

It’s a serious matter. You make yourself dependent just to have the comfort of… cleaning your home and body.

Do you have to make yourself so dependent just to meet your basic, simple needs like hygiene?

3. Waste -> health

You throw disposable items to your bin every day.

You throw all packaging a of these items to your bin.

You regularly make landfills full of new waste, much of which is non-biodegradable and toxic plastic waste.

By buying disposable things you contribute to pollution and waste made by factories and during transportation.

Your waste make tons of toxins go to the soil, water and air. Than we eat those toxins in fruits and vegetables. We inhale them. Does it contribute our health?


Solution: go out off the beaten path, leave the scheme

Now you see that disposable items price is not only the one printed on the label. One-use-only things cost much more than certain amount of money.

Instead of using disposable products that make us dependent consumers and enemies of our own life place, we can buy or make items that we can use for weeks or years.

Start to enjoy having at home items that will be always on their place, not going to end: handkerchiefs, classic metal safety razor, cloth menstrual pads, cloth diapers, cloth kitchen towels and even… reusable toilet wipes.

Be as self-sufficient as possible and don’t care about shops and producers that need you to buy toxic, one use only crap.

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