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Because you prefer comfort, ease, and pleasure.

Most of the people keep thinking they care about their health. Reading about it, listening, going to gym or zumba classes, taking supplements.

But this is only a small percentage of what healthy lifestyle means. We’re good at choosing these points of living healthy that are easy or amusing.

And you say: I care about my health.

And I say: Really? Come on. Health is NOT on your priorities list.

It’s about you, me and soooo many people.

Because if we would be serious about our health, we wouldn’t have sugar-bowls at our homes.

Who hasn’t heard of fatal effects of eating white, refined sugar? Mood highs and downs, tooth decay, cancer… And we still buy it, eat it.

Eating ready food is easy. Eating sweets is enjoyable. Not having the knowledge about the effects of our diet, phone and wifi radiation etc. is comfortable.

Change is very hard. It’s hard because we live in societies which accept that eating processed food, milk and sugar is normal. Sometimes it’s even necessity. The birthday party without sweet birthday cake? Having guests and not having coffee at home?

Change from our default lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle is hard. But it’s your life, your body, your choice.

Don’t say you care about your body if you still fill your sugar-bowl regularly.

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